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Once all the excitement of the engagement and the wedding expires, then the true test of your relationship will have to be dealt with. Will your marriage make it past the first year? How can you ensure that your marriage will last your lifetime?

The first year of your marital union is incredibly important in determining your future happiness. Among other things, it’s the time of learning how to live together as husband and wife and establishing the foundations of a blissful married life. This is why we often hear well-wishers dispense various marriage advices, like “never go to bed angry,” which can indeed be beneficial to couples who struggle during the early years of marriage.

Here are four tips for newlyweds to ensure that you breeze through your first year of marriage:

1. Always be grateful.

For newlyweds, setting unreasonable expectations and comparing your relationship with others can trigger feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration.  And when we feel this way, majority of us tend to complain. But since complaining and nagging rarely improve our situations, it is best to redirect your energies toward gratitude and positivity.

Practicing gratefulness and focusing on the positives may not be your usual reaction to challenges, but it is the best way to surpass the difficulties of marriage while also highlighting all the good in your relationship. Instead of constantly pointing out your partner’s flaws, be more expressive of your appreciation and thank them for what they bring to the relationship. Every small thing counts, say thank you often.

2. Be on the same page.

Since majority of arguments spring from missed expectations or confusions over responsibilities, it is best to lay these out at the beginning of your marriage. Talk about points for improvement without being highly critical and sharp. Rather, discuss your responsibilities with clear heads and emotional maturity then compromise to avoid future conflicts. Communicating what you expect from each other and negotiating without being aggressive to maximize your strengths as a couple is necessary to move forward in the relationship. Sharing the same outlook is essential for marriages to last more than just a few years.

3. Don’t stop being romantic.

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Make romancing your spouse a priority in your marriage so that you always have reason to anticipate coming home every day. Don’t let the fire in the bedroom die. Continue to go out on date nights. Send flirty messages to each other. Leave sexy notes for each other.

Celebrate milestones and accomplishments like your hundredth day since the wedding with a fancy dinner and wine. Don’t let the engagement ring or the wedding rings bearing the wholesale diamonds from Diamond Brokers Queensland be the last lavish gift you give her or him.

Keep the marriage exciting by going on new adventures and trying new things together. Go on random road trips or indulge in new ways of pampering together. Not only does this allow you to discover new things about each other along the way, but it helps you grow together as individuals and as a couple.

4. Always say “I love you.”

Aside from never going to bed angry at each other, one advice newlyweds should take heed of is to never let the day end without being able to tell your spouse that you love them. Saying “I love you,” especially when spoken with a kiss or a hug, will elicit positive feelings of warmth and tenderness, so you and your spouse can sleep happy and in love.

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The tips above will help you be happier than on the day you exchanged vows to love each other for the rest of your life.