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Clothing is supposed to be a form of self-expression. It is supposed to be a creative output that you can use to convey how you feel or what sort of story about yourself that you want to tell. Clothing is also practical, and when you combine both the practical and aesthetic aspects of your wardrobe, you have the perfect support team that can help you get through a busy day.

Save Time with a Streamlined Wardrobe

As any working individual can attest, time in the morning is sacred. Wasting that time trying on clothes and not liking what you are wearing is not conducive for a good, healthy routine. If you find you have reached the point where “you have nothing to wear” despite your wardrobe being overloaded with choices, it’s time to de-clutter:

  • The items you haven’t worn in two or more years
  • The items that are not the right size or completely comfortable

Going through your wardrobe and getting rid of these two categories will help free up space and allow you to see and choose from items you truly love. The less choice you have, the more creative you can be with your outfits and sense of style. This means your minimalist wardrobe will:

  1. Need less time choosing outfits
  2. Have an improved sense of style
  3. Save money

The Benefits of Comfortable Footwear

Cute heels are just that – cute. They offer nothing more than a passing thought to those around you but can cause havoc on your own feet, health, and comfort. You can choose stylish footwear that supports you and looks great as well. All you need to do is get your foot size checked every time you go shopping. Our feet change size as we age, and can even swell up at the end of the day. Choose shoes that can handle your feet at their worst for all-day relief.

The Benefits of a Well-Designed Bra

There are two misconceptions when it comes to bras. One, is that they are necessary for every woman, when in fact they are necessary only for those women who need the extra support. The second is that bras cannot be properly supportive and stylish at the same time. If you aren’t careful, your bra strap can dig into your shoulders and leave a permanent dent. Instead of allowing that, choose great plus size bras that look great and actually support your body as it needs.

Understand Fabrics and How to Use Them   

Once you really get invested in building a practical and timeless wardrobe, you will start to notice the quality of fabrics. Cheap fabrics that are thin or feel terrible will start to bother you, and that’s okay. Before you buy anything new, just remember to do some research on fabrics and their uses. This way your wardrobe can be filled with natural items that feel great on the skin and breath or keep you warm as possible.

Designs, color, and patterns are great, but unless you know which fabrics work for you and which designs help support your busy life, your wardrobe isn’t doing enough for you. You need to choose pieces that help you be your best and most fashionable self all at once.