There are moments in life when you need to arrive at big decisions. The quantity of solo agers has increased. And after leading a considerable chunk of their lives being single, they might wonder how life would be after their 50’s once they retire. The ones who have got married and have children are also not set free from concerns. Individuals with a demanding job for which they have to roam from one city to the other and have aging parents to take care of, need to think about their parent’s wellness and health. Here it’s essential to opt-in for assisted living.


And like everything else, even the assisted living communities for older adults have its share of pros and cons.

The Pros

  • Choice of accommodation – The independent assisted living communities today offer senior citizens and older adults a full gamut of options in lodging. Individuals have the free will to select whether they want to stay in studio apartments or any other residential flats.
  • Convenient location – Today, the number of assisted living residences have increased. So residents have the ease to locate one depending on their preferred location.
  • Social engagement– The majority of the retirement homes for senior citizens today ensures that the residents take part in social gatherings, in the form of cultural events and social games. It helps them to make new friends and bond with more people. It erases the sense of isolation and helps in fostering a feeling of bonhomie amongst the residents.
  • Facilities and amenities – Assisted living communities provide daily life amenities and facilities availability of meals, cleaning, medical help, laundry, physical activities and many more.  There are basic amenities like a supply of clean drinking water, proper sanitation, the appropriate amount of electricity and many more.
  • Availability of caregivers – Leading assisted living communities provide expert caregivers to the residents. The caregivers act like a helping hand or assistance whenever needed. They remind older adults and senior citizens to take their medicines on time, assist them on walks and also help in managing other daily activities.

The Cons

  • You have to leave home – The new age assisted living communities are different from nursing homes. The builders and owners aim to create an ambiance of home away from home. They try to furnish the accommodations with everything that a home should have. But still, there is no substitute for one’s residence. So mulling on the cons the only thing one can say is that individuals have to move out from their home and stay somewhere else.
  • The cost – Retirement homes and assisted living communities comes with monthly charges. Often the leading communities might be priced steeply. People who want affordable options might not be able to sign up for this.

When you are planning to shift a parent or a loved one who’s aging, to an assisted living community it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons. You can do your research and select the best-assisted living communities based on your requirement and price preference.