If you are planning an awesome birthday party for your child then you should go through this article. You don’t have to break a bank to throw a grand party – all you need to do is follow the tips and ideas listed below.

Here are some great ideas to throw a budget-friendly party for your child.

Happy Birthday Balloons Party
  1. Timing is Important – According to the author of Against All Grains: Celebrations, Danielle Walker, the best time to party is between 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm which is the span after lunch and before dinner. In such cases, you might not have to arrange for a full meal.
  2. Stretch the Plan – Start off with shopping early so that you can compare and select before purchasing. Last minute preparations are the worst as you might buy overpriced stuff.
  3. Digital Invitation – A survey conducted on 1500 parents, results were 73% of parents send a paper invitation to guests. Sending electronic invitation to guests helps in saving time and minimizing expenses.
  4. Double blast – If you get to know that your kid’s and one of his buddy’s birthday falls close to one another then you can plan a dual party for the duo. This will help in curbing the expenses as you can split the cost between yourself and the other child’s parents.
  5. No Party Store – Party stores seem helpful as you get all the party items readily available at the store but what about the prices? You can always start shopping a little early and gather all that you need from different shops at cheaper rates.
  6. Rely on your Networks – For entertainment purpose, rely on your best resources and use your personal connections. Friends, relatives, and neighbors are of great help in this matter.
  7. Party in not everything – You can always widen the term ‘party’ for kids. You can plan an outing or picnic with your family. When your kids are small, they would love to go out for a picnic or watch an animated movie followed by dinner at their favorite restaurant. You can skip a traditional birthday party and spend the time with your kid.
  8. Theme based parties – Select a theme for the evening and plan a décor depending on that. Whether you are looking for baby shower balloons or disposable tableware or posters with popular children’s characters, it should be easy to find the products you need. It can be based on your kid’s favorite superhero or the princess she dreams about. Theme based parties are quite popular as kids birthday parties ideas in Atlanta. These types of parties reduce expenses made on entertainment.
  9. Online Shopping – Purchasing an item after comparing its price and verifying its quality is just a matter of a minute when you search online. You can buy decoration required for the birthday party through e-commerce sites at cheap rates and with attractive discounts.
  10. Homemade Cake – You can always buy an expensive cake for your kid’s birthday but baking a cake at home is more special. The love, care, affection and emotional bonding induced in it are much more precious and memorable. You just need to choose your kid’s favorite flavor and bake the cake.
  11. Use resources available at hand – Most parents don’t look out for the resources they have at hand and go out to buy birthday party supplies. This increases the cost and parents tend to go beyond the budget. Use whatever resources are available at home to decorate the house and reduce the cost.
  12. Perfect Party Place – You don’t have to look out for a castle or an expensive party place to host your kid’s birthday party. Plan the party at your home to save cost and decorate the place to make it party-like.
  13. Use Imagination – Take full advantage of your child’s imagination to create the imaginative world your child dreams about. For example, if your child imagines about a space journey, plan birthday theme accordingly and decorate the house like that.
  14. No Cost Activities – To have the best birthday party for your child, you need to plan the party with no cost or low-cost activities. These activities will help you reduce expenses and will enhance the bar of fun and entertainment. Introduce such activities in which both kids and adults can involve themselves. Some of these activities are:
    Musical Chairs
    Red Rover
    Freeze Dance
    Three Legged Race
    Hot Potato
  15. Use the Library – If you have a good library of books, DVD’s, animated movies, comics, and so on, you can use these too. After a heavy and tiring physical activity session, stories and animated movies are the best way to relax the kids.

Add your personal touch to make your child’s birthday enticing. Take help from your near and dear ones to make the day more special. Finally, don’t forget to buy some great presents to make their day more joyful.