Cystals have a variety of uses when it comes to feng shui, all of which are aimed at one goal: to promote feng shui energy in a given space. Over the centuries, crystals have been used for many purposes, from decoration to protection. When it comes to feng shui, people use crystals for the unique energy that they bring into your space at home or in the office.

Energy Stones

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For instance, one of the uses of the rose quartz crystal is attracting romance and healing a broken heart. In terms of feng shui, the same crystal emits unique frequencies that promote the healing of the heart. Hematite and tourmaline have powerful protective energies. Citrine helps resolve issues to do with self-esteem as well as attract abundant wealth.

Centering and grounding energy

It your child is prone to getting overexcited and has trouble concentrating, a cluster of hematite pieces can help center or ground their energy. The hematite pieces can be placed in their room or the west feng shui area of your home. In many cases, tumbled hematite is used in feng shui to center and ground energy, as well as to protect the user.

Protecting the home

Crystals such as black tourmaline, hematite and obsidian can be placed on your front door for protection. You can have several pieces of black tourmaline or tumbled hematites either inside or outside your door arranged in a manner that’s visually pleasing. For instance, if you have large plant pots on either side of your main door, you can place the crystals at the base of the pot or on top of the soil.

Healing and absorption of negative energy

Unlike most other crystals, citrine and kyanite don’t need cleansing because they do not absorb negative energy. For relaxation and protection, you can use blue kyanite. Citrine, on the other hand, is a classical feng shui crystal used for attraction of wealth. To amplify the strength of the blue kyanite in your décor or jewelry, you can use it with clear quartz crystal.

Tiger’s eye, jasper, red agate and carnelian are rich fiery color gems that can also be used to boost the energy of citrine.

Cleansing and placement

When you receive crystals as a gift or cleanse them in order to reset their vibration to be receptive of the new owner and the new space, be it the home or office. It is important to cleanse crystals on a regular basis and to treat them in a manner that is loving and respectful.

There are a number of ways to cleanse crystals, including smudging them when clearing your spaces or by immersing them in pure water, or using a crystal cleansing bowl. It is imperative that you place the crystals in areas that have good energy, such as your alter, bookshelves and main entry table among others. Learn more about incorporating gems into your furniture design from experts.

Gift your home or office with a few stones and natural crystals so that you and your loved ones can benefit from their healing qualities.