Chewy OurPets Alpine Climb Cat Scratcher

I received this product in exchange for my review as a Chewy Influencer.

About a year and a half ago, after our cat passed away, we adopted two cats from a rescue group.  Going from one cat to two has definitely been an adjustment, and it feels like there is always a lot going on!  One of the things I have to keep on top of is the cats scratching the rugs or furniture.  Scratching is a normal activity for cats, so it is good to offer them things to scratch.

Our one cat in particular has taken to scratching my new rug in one spot, so I chose the The OurPets Alpine Climb Cat Scratcher, hoping that it would be a good alternative to scratching the rug.

The OurPets Alpine Climb Cat Scratcher provides an enticing scratching surface that cats can’t resist! With hidden nooks and crannies in the corrugated cardboard felines can groom and trim their claws daily. Save your furniture and other household items by directing their energy to this scratcher that is even more enticing when the catnip that’s included is sprinkled on it! Not only is the catnip included but a small toy too. You and your furry feline can enjoy all of the benefits of this cat scratcher! (

The OurPets cat scratcher arrived folded flat, and is easy to assemble.  You literally pop up the cardboard ramp underneath the scratching surface and are ready to go.  My 8 year old had fun putting this together for the cats.

We sprinkled the corrugated cardboard surface with the included catnip, and it wasn’t long before the cats were checking it out.

Chewy Cat Scratcher

The cats have been enjoying their new scratching surface, which I have placed strategically where they have a tendency to scratch.

Chewy Cat Scratcher

You can see how the cats have used the OurCats cat scratcher, and I’m glad it is saving my rug!  The scratcher is made of eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard – plus you can flip the cardboard over and use the other side once it has been scratched up a lot.


There is a whole line of OurPets cat scratchers at – check them out here! has lots of other great pet products too, and we buy everything from cat litter to fish food at Chewy.  They ship fast and it’s great to have our pet supplies delivered right to our house.