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Parenting is the trickiest job in the world, and if you are a mom who is the primary caregiver for the children, the job gets a way harder than everything.

Lifting a family by completely myself and being a mother of a toddler of 2 years and a preschooler of 5 years; I know what a single mom goes through in life. I don’t even get enough time to wash my hair for days. So, I use dry shampoo to style myself.

In that way, I have paved my way to keep everything on the right track. I always look for doing work quickly and efficiently.  After all, I do not want my life as a messy one for being a mom who has to go by herself.

Some Critical Points and The Solutions for Primary Caregiver Moms with Younger Children

My man is a mariner and has to take off from the house for most of the days of the year.  I have to follow up the family entirely by myself – and I have own job too. Systematically, that makes everything way more complicated. But some particular times are, and were, the most difficult moments.


When my little boy was in my tummy, the older one was only three. In that year, my husband got a tour of 6 months. He left home when I was pregnant for just one month.

During my first pregnancy, my mother was with me, which was a relief. But that time the situation was completely different, as my mother was not with me and I have a baby of two years who loved to eat everything except his food. For the first few weeks after my husband left, I was utterly frustrated and broken. But then I tried to sum up everything one by one.

A Routine: I made a routine of everyday work covering the whole week. When the baby got to sleep, I used to work on a lengthy one.

The Foods: I balanced our food chart and went for nutritious but straightforward recipes that took less time to cook.  I cooked food that could go for two days so that I could save my time for the next day. While cooking, I always tried to balance the choice of my baby’s food and my food.

Making the older one aware of the situation: I made my baby understand that his sibling was coming into the world and he had to share his everything. It was a difficult task and took around one month. But I felt something different in him after he got it. He was still a baby, but he started to take care of me. Sometimes he even used to tell me, “Mom, get some rest. Please! The baby is tired!”

Health Care: Health care is the most important for a mother. But some moms even do not think about it at all, but a mother should always keep in mind that she is the fuel of the family.  Health care for her should come in the limelight.

Get a Three Month Checkup: It is necessary to meet with the doctor regularly and have a checkup. Nowadays, the tendency of cancer especially breast cancer and cervical cancer has perked up. So, appoint with your doctor and keep in touch with your doctor.

Style Yourself: Someone said, “If you want to be healthy, stay happy.” We all know, when a person feels beautiful, he gets happy. So, get a facial, take some massages. Now, plenty of salons give the facilities of babysitting. So, this deserves a high-five.

Entertaining Tips: I know some moms who are bored with their life because they do not get enough time to enjoy. I say, “Enjoy it with your baby.” There are a lot of options you can try.

Watch Movies: A good animation movie or family movie can help you and your child to buy a great time. Remember your baby will remember this when he/she grows older.

Play with your Baby: Play hula hoop, puzzles, words making. You will be entertained, and your baby will get smart too!

Show Him the Beauty of Nature: Take your baby to park, beaches. Let him breathe in the fresh air and breath for yourself too.

Pet a dog as playmate: Dogs are child’s best companions, research has shown it already. You can pet a dog as their playmate and make them entertained. A healthy and smart dog can be a safe mate for your child.

Also, take care of your dog as your child. Provide him best according to you like foods, bed, toys, bet, etc. Provide a chew resistant bed if your dog tends to chew everything.

Final Words

Being a mother is tough but being a single mother is the toughest one. It takes gut and also some skill.  But it mostly needs patience. The harder you will see it, the way harder it would get. So, make your baby your friend and life will come in shape by itself.