From the foundation of chiropractic technique in the year 1895 to the present day, most of the chiropractors have performed adjustments. Some of those are manipulating spine for relieving patient’s pain and also improving joint function. How the individual practitioners go about working in this section varies in a wide way. There are around 150 techniques as referred to chiropractic literature. Even the practitioners will use over one treatment as per patient’s needs. Most of the time, it is always important to ask patients about any rare condition or complication, before heading towards the adjustment treatments. Let’s just learn more about the techniques involved in this section.

Chiropractor adjusting a woman's back
  • Gonstead Technique:

This is primarily stated as a hands-on technique, which involved adjusting low back or the pelvis as patient lies on side. The practitioners are going to use it for realigning joints, reducing stiffness and pain and also increasing mobility. This form of adjusting technique is universal virtually in the field of chiropractic education and it is straight to students, early right during learning procedure.

  • Going for the Activator Technique:

This is another form of handheld adjustment based instrument, which delivers gentle impulse into vertebral sections of a spine or even focusing on the extremities. This force will feel more like light thumping sensation when used for treating someone suffering from lower back pain to some forms of headaches like migraines. It is not just comfortable for patients but prove to be the number one choice for seniors.

  • Flexion distraction:

Also known as decompression or Cox Technic manipulation, this form of service is most widely used in over half of the chiropractic clinics. It is also a primary method of choice whenever you are treating facet joint pain, disc herniation, scoliosis and even other conditions. Patients might expect here to feel gentle stretching motion. This technique is also in need of specially designed table, which is adjustable.

  • Thompson or drop table technique:

This form of service will involve special adapted table, which comes with padded platforms. It is designed for dropping fraction of inch whenever the expert applies quick thrust to make any form of adjustment. This form of subtle drop motion is quite comfortable for most of the patients, which will feel like a vibration. This form of adjustment techniques is suitable for extremities and spine.

  • Diversified technique:

This form of technique is also used for curing pain in spine and extremities. The feeling is more or less similar to Gonstead technique. It is widely considered to be used with precise hands thrust, which is completely aimed towards restoring proper movement and also for spine adjustment.

So, if you are looking for best help, log online and get in touch with the right team for some more information. Learning about the adjustment techniques beforehand is exactly what you need to be a pro in this chiropractic area. Even the patients will gain some knowledge in this regard.