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Life is so busy as a mom, and I find myself struggling to eat right, work out, etc.  I usually make it to bedtime, cranky and exhausted and wishing I had a way to stay on top of my goals.

What if there was a way for it to be easier to take care of yourself? What you had access to medical professionals, dietitians, and personal trainers that would help you on your journey to become a healthier you?

The HueTracker App is the answer to help you be the best you! It not only gives you access to medical professionals, dietitians, and personal trainers but it can track calories, water intake, macronutrients, and more. It also helps you track your colorful intake of fruits and vegetables!

What sets this app apart is that it’s built with an in-app companion that keeps you accountable and tells you what you need more of throughout your day! Need to exercise? it tells you! Needs water? It tells you and so on!

It’s the wellness app you need! But they need your help to launch it – and you get some pretty awesome perks!

You will get perks and early access with all premium features when you pledge as little as $4. HueTracker, set to release by July 2019, with other features to be added by January 2020.

How you can help:

  • Click the link to pledge any amount – for certain pledges there are rewards like the company’s merchandise (t-shirts, healthy snacks etc), and early access to the app!! You won’t be charged unless they are 100% funded; it’s all or nothing! You can pledge as little as $4!
  • Share the link below with your friends/family! If they want to back a project on Kickstarter this one is a great choice! (Or share the Tweet below.)

  • Become a user tester, and if you’re a dietitian or medical professional, please inquire by e-mail at

HueTrition is a company that wants to make it easier for you to eat better foods and get the exercise you need. They have recently come out with 6 HueTube Videos with advice to help you “Fill Your Plate With Color”. It’s easy to eat nutritious foods when you have a plan and access to nutritional information. Subscribe to their HueTube channel for more information!

Giveaway Details:

  • Dates – August 20 – September 3, 2018 1159pm EST
  • Prize – $25 Gift Card of your choice or Paypal
  • Open to US residents only

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