Cat in the Hat

I received this DVD in exchange for my honest review.

I still remember when the Cat in the Hat series came out on television.  What a great show!  My kids loved it, and I loved that they were learning things.  Ncircle Entertainment is releasing Season 2, Volume 1 on DVD this September!

Enjoy the second volume of the second season of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! In this volume set, kids will learn the answers to questions like what is the Earth’s atmosphere, why do we need bones, and how is paper made. The discoveries don’t end there! We learn how polar bears survive the arctic winter, how our ears work and so much more!

There are lots of great things for kids to learn about on this DVD, with 20 episodes ranging from topics about the earth to how our bodies work.

Cat in the Hat

It’s nice to find a show that both kids and parents can enjoy.  On a side note – I never made the connection that Martin Short is the voice of the Cat!

With the school year coming up, this is a great DVD to have for when the kids are exhausted after school and need some down time, or for the days they don’t have daycare/preschool.

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Cat in the Hat Season 2 is available 9/11/18 and is currently priced at $12.99.

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Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That DVD

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