You Need To Teach Your Kids

Wish to inspire your kids with something new? We do have a fresh and green idea in store! Why not try out gardening lessons? Do you have a balcony space, window sill, terrace, front yard, backyard, garage or veranda? Any little space can work to start a beautiful garden with your child!

Childhood is the best time to help your little ones bond with nature. Spending time out in the open among plants is very healthy. Such good lessons learnt in the growth years remain locked in memories forever.  If you don’t know where to start, simply visit natural dwellers for more information.

Let’s have a look at the 5 garden lessons you ought to teach your kids.

Lesson 1: Re-Use Items as Plant Container

Recycling things is a life-long advantageous lesson. Fuse gardening with reusing things which you would otherwise throw away. It is great way to help teach children about curbing environmental pollution with eco-friendly hacks. A slight fun added can make your kids happy.

  • Plastic buckets: Any plastic bucket or large container is a great alternative for mud pots. They last long. Fabulous for large plants. Let your kids fill the bucket with mud & compost. This will help kids learn how to set up the soil for plants. To keep their hands clean you may use gloves.
  • Plastic Bottle: They may great plant hangers. Include your kid in cutting the bottle in half and tying thread/ropes.
  • Sandbox: Utilize it to create a garden bed.

Tip: Teach kids the key point of making a hole in the bottom of each container for proper water drainage.

You Need To Teach Your Kids

Lesson 2: Provide a personal garden bed space

You need to give your kids their very own garden bed area. It can be a tiny space. If you don’t have a garden bed, give them a few pots. This will build a sense of responsibility. They will work to make their garden bed suitable for sowing seeds/plants. For instance:-

  • Instruct your kids to avoid placing pots/containers under the tree shade.
  • Educate them about sunlight’s necessity to plants.

Lesson 3: Teach the Entire Process

A complete lesson helps children learn better. Therefore, guide children in every stage of gardening from start to end. Begin from preparing the garden bed. Purchase seeds of flowers/vegetables/fruit plants together. Help in sowing and watering.

  • Finally, when the plant bears fruit it will teach them to value the effort.
  • They would learn to respect farmers for their hard labor.
  • It would help them respect food they eat every day.
  • The realization also aids to children learning to stop food wastage.

Lesson 4: Appreciate Their Effort

Guide your children to take care of the plants from pests & seasonal changes. If you don’t have a garden, use your lawn. Lawn needs to be constantly maintained. Teach your kids how to care for lawn in spring, winter, summer & fall. Let them know that the beautiful green turf takes lots of hard work to maintain.

Appreciation always boosts children’s confidence. It motivates them. So, whether they are successful or not, do appreciate their effort.

  • Talk to neighbors & friends appreciating their gardening efforts
  • Click pictures and send it to far of relatives
  • Give guests a garden tour showcasing your child’s work in the lawn/garden

Lesson 5: Saving water

A superb way of educating children about water’s importance is gardening. Show them how water can help plants grow and bear fruit. Place buckets outside to save rain water. Use the rain water for gardening.

  • On weekends take kids on a trip to visit botanical garden or nearby nurseries.
  • Set up a meeting with gardening professionals.
  • Help them learn many gardening tip and tricks.
  • When they see the result of beautiful flowers and fruits, they get encouraged.
  • Seeing elders professionally doing gardening help them understand nature’s importance. They realize that what they are doing is not meaningless. Even their small garden has importance.

Gardening is a fun filled outdoor activity. Both parents and children can experience new things. It’s a cool way to spend some quality time with your kids. These simple gardening lessons would be a treasure to your children forever.