A few years ago, I tried a collagen supplement.  In fact, I tried a couple different ones.  And while they seemed to work, it wasn’t until a few years down the road that I started understanding just how much our bodies need collagen.  Collagen isn’t just about our skin, our faces.. it is about the whole body.

This year I turned 40, and I started thinking more about an overall approach to my health.  Collagen production declines with age.  Yes, I’d love youthful looking skin!  But I also am thinking about my joints and other aspects of my health.  At my job, I spend many hours on my feet.  If our family goes for a hike, my knees often tell me that they are displeased – so if collagen can help me, that’s great!

How I Use Collagen

While there are many types and forms of collagen, I have found that powdered collagen is working well for me.  I usually start off my morning with hot lemon water – so I simply add a spoonful of collagen.  It mixes right in and is virtually tasteless.  I checked to make sure that collagen is unaltered by heat, and it is ok for it to be mixed into hot foods and drinks.

Types of Collagen

There are many different kinds of collagen, depending on the type of peptides.  Do some research about Types I, II, and III, as well as the sources of your collagen and so on.


Studies are very mixed on collagen, and also seem to differ when it comes to seeing results in skin versus other things like joints.  Collagen supplements have really become popular in recent years, so studies are underway.  I do think I see results, but I am also being healthier in general.

Health goes hand-in-hand, so while you’re adding collagen into your diet, consider other factors to be aware of, like avoiding sun exposure, which causes the skin to prematurely age, and making sure you eat as much fresh and healthy food as possible.