Moving On After Divorce
Divorce is difficult and consuming, and can take a long time to recover from.  Everyone handles separation differently, at their own time and pace.  However, there are some ways to help you move on when the time is right.
1. Stay busy
Too much idle time can mean too much time to contemplate the unhappy times associated with divorce.  While you may want to take some time off from things so that you can recover and get things done, staying busy can be healthy – although you don’t want to be too busy.  Keep yourself occupied doing things that take your mind off more unpleasant things.  Having a routine is good for you, whether it is going to work or keeping up with your other daily regimen. Remember to keep a balance between being busy with work and taking care of your own needs.
2. Make time for yourself
Now is a good time to start taking yoga, develop a workout routine, or get a dog, etc.  In other words, something that helps enrich your life in one way or another, and keeps you busy, happy, and relaxed.  Maybe you neglected things in the past, whether it was taking care of yourself or doing the things you wanted, and now is your opportunity.  Sometimes we lose ourselves in a relationship, and what better time to find yourself.
Don’t start letting things go, whether it is your appearance or health.  Remember, you need to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally.  Eating right and being physically active is important, and good health makes you feel better inside and out.
3. Sell your engagement ring
Your engagement ring is probably a reminder that you don’t need.  Chances are, it gets tucked away somewhere and brings back painful memories of your past relationship.  While you want to make sure you are ready to make the step, selling the ring is a good way to move on, and you’ll have some extra spending money. Read more on tips about selling engagement ring after divorce.
4. Move
While moving can be a big process, it can help to be somewhere new, to start a new life and leave old memories behind. Many people choose to pick up and start fresh in a new place.
Moving might not be an option, so if moving isn’t an option or decision, it can also help to change things up, whether you redesign your home or move to a new place.  Starting fresh on your own can mean a lot of things, and it can feel good to change up your current spaces.  You want the place you call home to feel good, and feel like yours.
5. Reach out
Reaching out can mean a number of things.  Going through a divorce is so difficult, and it is great if you have a good support network of friends and family who are truly there for you.  People who will lend an ear, lend a shoulder to cry on.
However, not everyone has that support, so you may want to consider counseling.
And as you move on, take time to cultivate new friendships, make new friends, and get out there.  While there is a period of grieving, you don’t want to keep yourself withdrawn from everyday life.
Divorce is incredibly hard, and hopefully these tips are useful to help you through such a difficult time.  Feel free to add any support tips below in the comments!