3 Unique Ways a Mattress Can Alter Your Sleep and Health

When you juggle with a lot of activities during the day (family, work, playtime, hobbies, volunteering and more), you need an excellent night rest to keep you going. I believe most of you know that sleep deprivation is a significant cause of stress, drowsiness and upsetting back pains. All those factors could bring our energy down and interfere with our daily schedule.

Many medical studies have indicated that sleeping on the wrong mattress could have a major impact on our health, with more severe outcomes than feeling tired or having a back pain. Here are some of the most considerable ways a good mattress can improve your well-being:

Obesity and heart problems

If you don’t get enough sleep or you wake up a lot during the night, you develop a higher risk of becoming obese. The explanation is simple: the lack of energy caused by sleep deprivation leads to overeating (and I’m not talking about eating too many vegetables, but too much unhealthy food). Unfortunately, obesity goes hand in hand with various heart issues. According to specialists, people who get less quality sleep per night have a 48% higher risk of developing heart diseases.

Allergies and a weak immune system

As the mattresses get old, they become the playground for more and more dust mites. These very tiny creatures are responsible for many skin, throat and lung conditions, such as eczema, asthma and sore throat. Researchers say that at least 20 million Americans are allergic to these bugs that feed on our dead skin cells which we naturally shed in our beds, during sleep. So if you’re allergic to them (or you just want to avoid health problems), you need to clean the mattresses regularly. The best you can do is choosing a hypoallergenic product (or at least go for hypoallergenic cover and sheets). You can find inspiration on what to buy on trymattress.com – top mattress list of the best brands on the market. Let me give you yet another reason to pay attention to what you sleep on: you’re more likely to get sick when you’re not well-rested because sleep deprivation and poor quality of repose will weaken your immune system in time.

Premature aging and reduced libido

I bet very few people realize that lack of sleep has an impact on our intimacy and on the way we age. Sadly, it does. Specific studies have proved that the less we sleep, the lower our sex drive will be. Men appear to be affected harder by the side effects of non-sleeping in this matter, while women seem to be more sensitive to premature aging, when not getting the proper rest. Those brown shapes under your eyes after a bad night sleep are the result of mediocre – and not enough – rest. Over time, the faces of those losing sleep regularly will show more visible signs of aging. And let’s be frank: we all wish to look good for as long as possible! So the best thing we can do is make sure we rest correctly, and we don’t ignore the factors that may have such a massive impact on our health and happiness.