Tips for Getting a New Dog

Bringing home a new dog is just like bringing a newborn baby. You need to prepare where it will be sleeping, food to feed the dog, and also you need to be ready for the changes that will occur in your house as the dog adjusts. With help from Kip dog boarding services we’ve provide the below tips to help guide you in taking care of your new dog, especially for new dog owners.

~ Prepare your house ~

By preparing your house I mean you should make sure that your home is a dog-friendly environment. Check all the rooms and under the furniture to make sure that there are no items that can cause harm to the dog. Dogs are naturally adventurous, and if they find anything lying on the floor, they will be tempted to chew it. So anything that can choke the dog should be eliminated. Electrical cables and extensions should be kept away and at the safe places too.

~ Buy all the necessary gear ~

You will want to walk your dog around the neighborhood.  Therefore, before you bring her home, buy all the necessary gear that will enable you to do so. You will need a collar and a leash and also the feeding items for the dog.  Grooming requirements depend on the kind of the dog you are bringing home, since some dogs require having regular trimming.  You also want to ensure you have a comfortable place the dog to sleep, and toys to play with.

~ Find a vet ~

It is essential that you do a research and find a vet who is located in your city or neighborhood. You want to be prepared with somewhere to take the dog for immunization or in case she has fallen ill. So, instead of looking for a doctor when you have an emergency, have the details at hand such that if you need to take the dog to the vet, it will be quick and easy.

~ Get a trainer ~

If it is your first time owning a dog, you need to find a trainer or a dog sitter to guide you on how to take care of the dog. You can research these before you acquire the dog or after you have brought her home. They will give you some guidelines on how to treat your dog, how to discipline her and also how to relate to her. You can find such companies online since others like Dog Daycare at Pet Cloud have websites where they advertise these services.

~ Be patient ~

Even when you set some rules for the dog to follow, be ready for the rules to be broken.  But remember, you are building a relationship with the dog – hence the need to be patient. Even when the dog repeats the same mistake twice, don’t rush to punish her.  Be patient and instill the same rule maybe using a different method to see if the dog will get it the next time.

After selecting the breed of the dog that you wish to bring to your home, follow the above guidelines to help you in taking care of the dog and how to welcome her home. You can also ask for help from a relative who has the same breed regarding how to treat the dog and how to take care of her.