Halloween is almost here!  Celebrated all over the world, you can use your creativity in food preparations. Instead of having your usual plain chocolate cake, how about you add some scary features such as red icing and so on.

Below are other ideas that you can use in preparing your Halloween desserts.

5 Desserts to Serve This Halloween
Image credit: Flickr via Jamie
  1. Creepy coffin cake or vampire cake

No one loves to see coffin around as it brings about bad thoughts but once you prepare a coffin cake, rest assured people will flock to have a taste of it. It is quite easy to prepare this dessert since all you require are layers of dessert, some cheese frosting and all the cake ingredients. You can add other features or colors to the cake just to bring out the fierceness.

Another easy option is a vampire theme party with a vampire bite cake. All you need is to create a white cake and use fake vampire teeth to create a bite mark, and fill with sugary “blood”!

  1. Cobweb candy

Get your grandkids entertained this Halloween festive with this unique and enticing candy. As we all know spiders are creepy and dangerous but I am sure kids will forever remember they ate spider cobwebs this festival. The procedure for making these candies are pretty much straightforward since you just need white chocolate and pretzel sticks – or you can use oreos instead. You can also add black royal icing if available.

  1. Cake pops or dipped Oreos

Dipped oreos are fun and really tasty, and you can get very creative with decorating. Simply insert a popsicle stick into the oreo, dip in melted chocolate, and decorate accordingly.

You can also make cake pops to decorate a variety of ways, from spiders to bats to pumpkins.

  1. Little devil meringue cupcake

These may sound a little bit scary, but they are quite tasty. The cookies are completed with horns giving your Halloween celebration a kick of a mischievous edge. If you are from Sydney and you don’t have enough time to prepare your family some cupcakes or you don’t know how to prepare the Little devil meringue cupcakes, order from the experienced bakers such as the Cupcake Sydney company who will prepare as per your request. Also, you can order already made cupcakes and add your Halloween features on your own which is quite easy. Just get a decorating bag and add black and red icing. Then draw horn-like features on the cakes let the icing settle for about five or six hours before you enjoy your cupcakes.

  1. Red velvet skull cakes

This may seem like a complicated cake to make, but with the right cooking tin you can quickly pull out the skull look. First of all red velvet is one of the best-flavored cake and the red color is just perfect for Halloween.You can get the recipe for red velvet cake from various online sites and the same goes for the baking tin. For the teeth, use white icing sugar.

With the above dessert ideas, your Halloween hosting is sure to impress your guests. Learn different ways on how to make desserts and incorporate your decorating ideas which are quite easy as long you have the appropriate ingredients like the icing and the food color.