October is the start of it all. The start of the holiday excitement, the family celebration, and all the food and treats. Our children love Halloween and just like with Christmas, we have some fun Halloween traditions. One of our children’s favorite things to do during October (besides carving pumpkins, caramel apples, hay rides, dressing up, and trick-or-treating), is to make Spooky Oreo Lollipops.

Spooky Oreos

We save the activity for Fall Break. It is the perfect thing for our family to do when the kids are out of school.

The first time I saw these was in a boutique store not far from where we live. They are not a new concept, but they are always fun to make.

Supplies needed:

Double Stuff Oreos (Don’t skimp here. You need the Double Stuff if you want the lollipop stick to actually stay in place.) Plus if you have leftovers, the Double Stuff are the best!

Vanilla Melting Chocolate, or white chocolate chips.

Lollipop sticks or wooden skewers

Food coloring ( I like to use the drops. Unless I am using “real” white chocolate, the Wilton gels and pastes, make my melting chocolate seize up).

Embellishments (any other edible treats you can use to decorate.) We always have candy corn on hand. And green gumdrops and jelly beans. I save them from Easter.


Melt your chocolate over a double broiler on the stove, or you can use the microwave.

Once your chocolate is melted, separate it into three bowls and color your chocolate.

  • Leave one bowl white
  • One bowl orange (four drops yellow, two drops red)
  • One bowl green

Take your skewers and put them into your Oreo.

Spooky Oreos

Dip your Oreo pops in the melted chocolate. Our kids find it easier to drop a big spoonful of chocolate on top of the Oreo and let it run down and around the sides and bottom.  Cover the Oreo completely. Be sure the chocolate goes all the way down to the stick. This will help secure the Oreo.

Lay your freshly dipped lollipops on parchment paper to cool.

While they are cooling, put the stems on your pumpkins and add any other embellishments you want. Don’t wait too long to add your treats, the chocolate will start to harden up pretty quick. We like to keep ours in the fridge when we are not working on them.

Time to decorate. Anything goes, just make it spooky.

Spooky Oreos

If you don’t have tubes of icing, take a little melted chocolate and add some food coloring. Then put it into a plastic sandwich bag and snip the corner. This will make a quick impromptu icing bag. That is how I made the spider web.

Once they have cooled they are really sturdy. You can stand them up in a vase filled with candy corns and display them in the kitchen. They also make great gifts for neighbors, friends, teachers, etc.

Happy Haunting!