My daughter is a big fan of The Vampire Diaries and Halloween, so for her birthday, we threw a vampire themed birthday. I had some ideas for what I wanted to do, and we came up with an overall plan. I was very happy with how everything turned out. We stuck with red and black colors and chose lots of bloody vampire decorations.

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Bloody Dripping Candles Centerpiece

This was a fun and easy project that I did with my 14-year-old to create a centerpiece for the table. It was easy to make the candles, and then we added a few accents to make this a centerpiece for the table. Check out my tutorial HERE.

Blood Bags (for drinks)

I had heard of blood bags for drinks for Halloween parties before, and of course this was perfect for our theme. There were plenty to choose from on Amazon.

I looked for the darkest juice I could find at the store, without spending extra on tart cherry or pomegranate.

Red & Black Balloons

We used dark red and black balloons for decoration, alternating them around the room.

“Happy Bloody Birthday” Sign

Originally I was just going for a red and/or black sign, but then I found a “Happy Bloody Birthday” sign.

I thought about leaving out the bloody part, but honestly it ended up looking great. It came with “bloody knives” as well but I left those off since they didn’t fit into the theme. There are several different ones available on Amazon.

Vampire Bite Cake

We looked for some ideas on the internet for some cake ideas, and we pared it down to a white cake with red dripping over the top, or a white cake with bloody vampire bites. We decided to go with the second idea.

We baked a cake, and my husband assembled the layers with frosting and frosted the outside. He then used white fondant on the outside. We used fake vampire teeth (the plastic ones you get as party favors) to create a bite in the cake, and then we dripped red gel food coloring on the bites, allowing it to drip down the cake.

For candles, I bought number candles. Because I couldn’t find any white numbers, I used my fingernails and a knife to simply scrape off the colors.

We got some dry ice to put in a container under the cake for a cool smoke effect!

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Black tablecloths

We covered our dining table with a black tablecloth, and I put black fabric on our side tables. I also had black twin sheet from a project I had done, so I cut that to cover all of the table surfaces.

Dripping blood window clings

Along with the tray I found at Walmart, I found these great window clings. We have a big mirror in our dining room, so this made for a perfect accent.

Balloon Arch

I am also lately into balloon arch decorations. There are a variety of different red/black combo balloon arches. You get a long plastic strip about 16′ long, which you attach the balloons to. Super easy to make and it is a great way to bring your party decor up a notch. You can find a black and red balloon arch on Amazon.

Coffin Favors

For favors, we got Lindt chocolate packaged in little coffins (which came in a variety of different designs).

Supplies list

Wax candles: Walmart
Black Halloween tray: Walmart
Black roses: Dollar Tree
Red LED tea lights: Amazon
Birthday number candles: Dollar Tree
Blood bags for drinks: Amazon
Black fabric tablecloth: Amazon (you could get a cheaper plastic one at Dollar Tree)
White fondant: Walmart
“Happy Bloody Birthday” sign: Amazon
Dry ice: local vendor
Coffin truffle favors: Lindt Chocolate store
Balloon Arch: Amazon