Nandi Hills Bangalore

Nandi hills are the perfect weekend escape for the people of Bangalore. It is only 60 km from Bangalore and a great getaway to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city life. No matter whether you are from Bangalore or not, if you are anywhere near to the place, you must visit the Nandi hills to experience the scenic view and spend some splendid time in the lap of nature. If it is your first trip to this place, then do watch out this space for the 24-hour guide to Nandi hills. These pointers are going to help you a lot and noting things beforehand would always save your time for enjoying. You can enjoy the beauty of Nandi Hills by visiting Bangalore. 

  1. Do Not Miss the Sunrise

The view of the sunrise is mesmerizing from the Nandi Hills. So, even if you are not a morning person, make sure that you do not miss the glance of sunrise from here. Make the plan of the road trip from Bangalore or anywhere accordingly so that you reach in time and do not miss the magnificent sunrise. Also, sunset is equally beautiful and peaceful. Try to be there to experience both these scenes. Viewing the sunrise and sunset from the deck is a very pleasant feeling.

  1. Have an Affair with Nature

Visiting the Nandi hills is getting involved with nature. You can enjoy some extraordinary scenes of nature in the place. So, we recommend you take a complete off from your busy life and have an affair with nature. This guide to Nandi hills is a very relatable one guys. The strong winds, fog, mountains, the bird’s eye view are some of the major points of attractions in this place.

  1. Enjoy Cycling Up the Hills

If you are a nature lover and love adventurous things which you cannot generally enjoy the city life, you can try them out here. In our guide to Nandi hills, we are giving you an idea to do cycling in the road of the hills if you love. It will be a different kind of fun, and you can also get some alone relaxation time.

  1. Carry A Windbreaker or Sweatshirt

The wind blowing at the Nandi hills is quite cold, and the atmosphere can get windy, so it is strongly recommended to carry a windbreaker or the sweatshirt. If you are going on a road trip then it will get immensely cold, so do not miss out on any cover for yourself. There would be fog, and the weather will be mystic, and you can literally shiver if you do not have a cover-up for yourself.

  1. Visit the Religious Points for Sure

There are various temples in and around Nandi hills, and you must explore those places. There are famous temples like Sri Bhoganandishwara Swamy temple, Sri Bhoga Narasimha temple, and Sri Urga Narasimha temple. These are some of the must-visit temples near the area so if you are done with the sunrise and hills exploring, you must go to these temples.


This was our small 24 hours guide to Nandi hills. It is a small place and a small getaway place, so there is nothing more to explore but if you are going to the place, make sure you visit all these places. Nandi hills can be enjoyed every time, and there is never enough to visit this place again and again. We love Nandi hills and everything about the place, and we love visiting it every time. Use any of the online portals to find hotels in Bangalore at discounted price and go exploring!