I have two girls, and they love doing different things with their hair.  After trying to coordinate hair accessories for some theme events at school (like St. Patrick’s Day), we decided to make our own ribbon hair bands.  This is super easy to do and the possibilities really are endless!

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DIY Ribbon Hair Bands

Some ideas include:

~ School events/spirit days – your school color(s)
~ Holidays
~ Sports events – team colors

There are so many great ideas, and you can even find variety packs of ribbons like this one.

For this project, you need:

~ Hair bands
~ Ribbons

I use regular hair elastics, and you can use any color or coordinate the colors with the ribbons.

For the ribbons, I find that some work better than others.

Some things to consider:
~ Softer ribbons work better, as well as ones that are not too wide.  If they are wide/and or thick, they can be difficult to tie and may stick up, and they also seem to untie on their own more than the softer ribbons.
~ Consider using different combinations, such as opaque and sheer, patterned and plain.
~ Some ribbons have print or pattern only on one side, which is fine unless you don’t want a plain side showing.

To make your ribbon hair band, simply cut approx. 6″ lengths of ribbon and tie them on your hair band.  I try to keep it to one section of the hair band, which will be the top of the hair band when I make a ponytail.

I simply tie the ribbons on one time, and have not had any problems with them falling off.

However, if you feel it is necessary, you can make a knot.  Knots are simply a little bulkier but it still looks cute.