RoosterFin Wizard Roll

I received a Wizard Roll game in exchange for my honest review.

I think it is important to have some good games at home, which are a great way to get kids off electronics and spend family time together.  We have outgrown a bunch of our games, and we were excited to try “Wizard Roll” from RoosterFin games.

The game sets up quickly.  Recommended for ages 7+, I like that it is easy to set up and learn.  When the kids have their friends or family members visit, they can start playing without a lot of time spent setting up or learning the rules of play.

To start, you leave the Runes and Tiles pieces in the box, and each player receives two spell cards.  You choose one out of the two (discarding the other), and it’s time to roll the dice.  The goal is to complete your spell as fast as possible to earn points.

Wizard Roll

Each spell card has a different number of points on it.  For example, you can see “Silence” has 3 and “Shatter” has 4.  The first person to get 7 points wins!  The round ends when someone completes a spell, with the winner keeping their spell card to keep track of points.

RoosterFin Wizard Roll

Once you have completed your spell, you can consult with the spell card to see what you have.

The “Stone Skin” spell below is Ack-Wa-Sha-Fa.  The kids love seeing what spells they have!

RoosterFin Wizard Roll

I love that there are YouTube tutorials on how to play each RoosterFin game.  I had spent some time reading through the directions but forgot some details when it was time to play.  Then I realized we could watch the video, which was a great way for everyone to pay attention and learn by example.  The tutorial makes it easy to understand and remember the game play.

I also love that this game comes in a compact box.  Some of our games are quite large or bulky.  We even took this one on our camping trip last weekend to help pass the time, and the kids had a blast playing!

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