Unlike the past, more people are coming out to appreciate the health benefits of the cannabis plant. There are numerous cannabis guides available in the market but it’s important to understand the health benefits of the plant first. Sure, not all of us are ready to use marijuana for health benefits, but when it comes to cannabis oils, it’s a whole different story altogether. Yes, there are varying types of cannabis oil and in this article, we discuss the difference between the two most popular.

What to Know About Cannabis Oil and CBD

Cannabis Oil vs. CBD and What You Need To Know:

For those in the dark, CBD – also referred to as cannabidiol – is one of the unique non-psychoactive compounds extracted from the cannabis plant. It is known for its effective pain-relief properties, besides alleviating inflammation, cancer, anxiety and seizure symptoms. The best part, though, is CBD serves as a viable solution for those seeking sufficient pain reliefs, without the cerebral high pegged to marijuana.

In fact, the plant’s growers can now grow breeds high in CBD and low in THC, which is the psychoactive compound. Sure, both CBD and THC are oils extracted from the cannabis plant, but one bears the non-psychoactive properties (CBD), while the other serves as the primary psychoactive compound in the plant (THC). With the latter, you can expect to feel hungry, fatigued, yet relaxed.

It therefore goes without saying that folks seeking the health benefits of marijuana, but don’t need the “high” can greatly benefit from consuming CBD oil even though in small doses. The popular oil is taken orally by placing a drop or two in your mouth until you find the perfect dose that works for you. The main idea is to use CBD oil in small doses to start with then work your way up as the body gets accustomed to it.

However, there is always the option of vaping if the pain needs urgent relief. As with other cannabis compounds, CBD takes time to work if taken orally and ingested. Therefore, vapes bridge the gap for that individual seeking pain relief, but doesn’t enjoy smoking or even the smell to begin with. You can vape in two different ways using the flower or oil. Worth noting is, neither produces lingering, heavy smoke and more importantly, none is harsh on the lungs. However, it is of paramount importance to keep in mind that smoking CBD flower cigarettes or pre rolls can somewhat get to you being that some still have the THC components. Therefore, smoke the flower at night when going to sleep if you really have to.

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In a nutshell, consuming CBD oil through vaping products can be a perfect solution for individuals – mainly parents – looking for pain relief without the high. With vapes, a dose or two and the pain will be gone in a flash. It doesn’t come with the smell pegged to smoking, or the spacey head feeling. Win-win situation for parents leading a busy, hectic lifestyle.