With the great British bake off back on our screens everyone is catching the baking bug. Everyone bakes these days if bake off has taught us anything it’s that anyone can bake! It is no longer reserved just for our grandmas and annoying food tech lessons from high school. Everyone bakes now, it’s a very loved hobby for those who do it. If you know the person we are talking about – your one friend who always brings perfectly baked cupcakes everywhere. They bake to relieve stress and turn their nose up at anything that is store bought. This is who we are talking about!

Best Presents to Buy For Your Baking Friends

However, if a trip to a local baking store or even baking aisle fills with worry then you have come to the right place. The likelihood of your friend already owning a lot of the items is incredibly high. They probably already own a set of measuring spoons, a set of wooden spoons and possibly even a few gadgets. It’s possible that your friend won’t want to part with some of their trusty baking equipment, so maybe instead of splurging on super expensive baking gadgets get them some super cool updated kitchenware. How about an Acrylic ganache plate to get that icing super neat and give it a clean finish? Or even a cake stand, so that they can display their beautiful creations. All the way to the very practical Tupperware, every baker can never have enough Tupperware! Below are the top 4 baking related gifts for you to buy.

  1.    Acrylic ganache plate

When it comes to icing a cake sometimes it can be hard. Your baking friends would love this acrylic ganache plate from simply plastics. Not only is it clear allowing you a completely clear view of the cake, it’s much better than using a palette knife as it gives the user a much cleaner finish. This is highly desired by bakers, therefore gifting your friends the tools to do this will be an instant hit with them. Also, you can look forward to all the tester cakes they will be making!

  1.    Tupperware!

Yes, we have gone down this boring road, but honestly what baker has enough Tupperware? With lids always getting lost or forgetting Tupperware at the office, it seems you can never have enough. Buying your baker friends some Tupperware containers will be a great present that they will use repeatedly. You can find some very useful Tupperware containers such as cake shaped ones, cupcake storage even Tupperware that can hold any leftover ganache or toppings. This super helpful present will not go unappreciated.

  1.    Cake stand

After baking most bakers will want to display their creations and share them with as many people as they can. Buying any avid baker, a cake stand is also a bit of a compliment to them. It says I love your baking and want to see it displayed. There are a lot of different stands available on the market right now, so you don’t need to worry about a limited selection.

  1.    Set of cookie cutters.

Cookie cutters are the best presents! You can never have enough, there are so many different seasonal cookie cutters that someone can own. Your baking friends will definitely not be disappointed with a new set of some cool and interesting cookie cutters.