5 Tips to Achieve and Hold on to an Organized Closet

An unorganized and cluttered closet can not only create confusion when you are dressing up on busy mornings but can also result in clothes being forgotten in the back of the cupboard and result in wastage of money. Browse online and you will get any number of tips to clean up and un-clutter your wardrobe. But the most important one is that you keep only the clothes that you truly like and will enjoy wearing. This could be plus size clothing, dresses, skirts, jeans or anything else you’re particularly fond of. It is also important that the pieces that remain in your wardrobe are versatile and will go with a handful of other items in your closet.

Clearing a massive and cluttered closet requires you to put in time and considerable efforts. It is also important that you stay committed to your organization goals and do not stray from them.

Here are a few tips for you to effectively tackle wardrobe clutter and get the better of it.

Decide to Whom the Extra Clothes Will Go

As you purge your closet, there is bound to be a lot of excess clothes that you may want to sell, donate or trash.

If there are several items in good shape, then make a list of charities that you would like to donate to. Knowing that in addition to freeing up space in your closet, you are also doing a bit of good will motivate you to tackle the organization project in all earnest.

Donating used clothes will also qualify you for a tax credit or deduction.

Branded clothes that are in good condition or have never been worn can be sold for handy cash. If there are accessories or clothes that you have never worn and with labels intact, then you can expect to get paid quite well for them. Check out sites like SnobSwap, HEWI London, TheRealReal, Vinted or Vide Dressing. If you have an enviable collection of high-end handbags, then you can consider selling them on Rebagg, a site that gives cash for designer bags. Also, ensure that you check the terms and conditions before signing up for the services because most of the sites charge anywhere between 5%-15% commission on sales. If that seems too, much you can consider selling on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Ensure That You Purge Ruthlessly, and Sensibly

There are tons of clothes in our closet that we hardly wear. In fact, according to a study, an average American woman owns more than $500 in unworn clothes. This is an awful lot of money to just waste away. If you have a pared down, manageable and well-loved wardrobe, it will be easier to wear all that you have and optimize your monetary investment.

The way to accomplish this is to sort your clothes into the ones that you love and truly enjoy wearing, and the ones you are not very sure about. In the following days force yourself to wear the outfits that have been languishing in the dark corners of your cupboard. If you do not feel that you look your best or if you feel awkward wearing them to work or events, then it is wise to give them away, no matter how great a condition they are in or what sentimental value they hold for you.

Adopting a sensible and mind-over-heart approach is the best when it comes to getting rid of unwanted clothes. If there are some really high-quality, classy and timeless pieces in your wardrobe, you can consider storing them. This is because they may find a destination in a family member or a friend several years down the line. Also, classic outfits from top designers hold a lot of vintage value, and even if you do not love wearing them at the moment there is no reason why you may not feel differently a few years or seasons later.

Invest in the Best Storage Solutions

Quality storage solutions go a long way in making closet organization easy and effective. Cubbies, clear boxes, stackable bins, baskets, hooks and extra rods all help maximize storage space. You can also make use of vertical space above storage shelves, and space on the wall and behind doors with a few nifty tricks. Umbrella stands can be used to hold miscellaneous stuff like yoga mats and foam rollers.

Shelf dividers, drawer organizers and hanging organizers provide storage space as well as the ability to easily find stuff that may otherwise get lost in cramped drawers or bins.

Portable folding shoe rack organizer can hold your shoes as well as clothes, or accessories like hats. Under-shelf baskets, extender rods and tension rods are all must-haves that add extra space in your closet.

Hangers are great for hanging your dresses, formal or evening wear blouses, trousers and dress pants, dress skirts, jackets and overcoats. Ensure you choose coordinated, sturdy and long-lasting hangers that not only make your clothes shine but will also make your closet look glamorous.

Shop Happily

After organizing your wardrobe and filling it up with clothes and accessories that you absolutely adore, it is time to reassess it again.

You will find that you are short of certain essentials like a really nice summer dress or a formal suit. So now is the time to go shopping. You have done all the hard work and really need to reward yourself for the results. Make sure that you shop only high quality stuff that you will feel and look good in.

Devote Time

Organizing your closet will take time. Depending on the size of your closet and the clutter in it, you may take anywhere from a few hours to a whole weekend to get the job done. So jot the date in your calendar and be mentally prepared to tackle the task.

Also, once you have an organized closet, ensure that you do not let it build up clutter ever again. This will require that you assess, purge and refresh your closet on a regular basis. Once you get into the habit, maintaining a pristinely organized closet will never be a problem again.


A neat and organized closet will allow you to get dressed on time, be happy with the way you look, instill confidence in you and help you enjoy the clothes you have spent money on. So do not hesitate to clear the clutter and get started on your journey towards organized living as soon as you can.