Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are great not only for upping the style in a room, but also to offer some extra seating space. If you know where to place, the room can be totally changed so as to reflect your personality and style. It is definitely a style statement, and you can play with anything you want when choosing an accent chair: from color, texture and shape to position in the room and what room will you be using it in.


Think well about the purpose of the chair and what you intend it for. If you’re placing it in children’s room, then you wouldn’t want to splurge on it. If you are thinking of some dining room accent chairs, then you should also take into account comfort, height and material, so that your guests will not look up or down to one another and feel comfortable.


One of the first things you should take into account is the final style you want the room to have. If the rest of the room is designed in a traditional manner, then you can come with a contemporary piece for an eclectic result. In a cold dining room with wooden furniture, a velvet accent chair can lighten everything up a bit. It all depends on your personal taste and what you want to express with that room.


Another important thing often overlooked by people is the placement of the accent chair in the room. If you’re not thinking it through properly, you might end up with a room that looks crowded and especially cluttered, instead of inviting. Usually, it is recommended to place it next to the window. A small table and a lamp can be the perfect companions for your small reading nook. Also think about the fact that a reclining chair might get in your way, so position it so that it won’t be an obstacle for the traffic.


Proportions are extremely important for choosing any type of furniture, not just accent chairs. The size should be proportional to the space of the room, not too small, not too big, otherwise it will look weird. Check the height of the other seating you place in the room and choose all the chairs to have the same height. For dining rooms, also think about what kind of guests are you often having over: if they are tall, you shouldn’t choose chairs low on the ground, and if they’re petite, you shouldn’t opt for deep seat length ones.

All in all, a beautiful chair is the one that is proportional with the room and the one that matches the rest of the furniture and decorations, regardless of how you’re seeing it in store!