Everyone has a name that differentiates it from others and becomes an identity of everyone. Names vary as per religion, linguistics, culture, geography and ethnicity.  Choosing a baby name can be quite an arduous process!

Tamilians select names for their babies while considering individual factors. It is believed that name has a significant impact on one’s life, and due to this association, they try to name their kids uniquely. The meaning of names is given much importance in this regard.

Unique Tamilian Baby Names

Tamilian Baby Girl Names

Followings are the famous Tamilian baby names for girls with their meanings:

  • Kannagi – Wife of Kovalan
  • Masattuvan – A wealthy merchant of grain & the father of Kovalan
  • Madhavi – A beautiful courtesan dancer
  • Chitravathi – Madhavi’s Mother
  • Vasavadaththai – Madhavi’s female friend
  • Kavunthi Adigal – A Jain nun
  • Kopperundevi – Pandya Queen
  • Ezhili- The one who is graceful
  • Nila- The half moon
  • Venniila- The full moon
  • Oviya- The one who is majestic
  • Kuyili- The one who sounds like a cuckoo bird
  • Oyila- The who has the grace
  • Paavai- The one who looks like a doll
  • Nitthila- The one who looks like a pearl in the oyster
  • Thendral- The cool breeze
  • Iniyaa- The one who has a friendly nature
  • Malar- The one who looks like a flower
  • Maivizhi – The one with the beautiful and attractive eyes
  • Meena- who sounds like a beautiful fish
  • Kavitha- the one who is delicate as a poem

Tamilian Baby Boy Names

Followings are the popular Tamilian baby boy names with their meanings:

  • Kadhir- the one who looks like the rays of sun or sunshine
  • Vinay-The action
  • Mukhil- The cloud
  • Kamban- The poet who is very famous
  • Kavin-  Handsomeness and gorgeous
  • Kosigan – Madhavi’s messenger to Kovalan
  • Madalan – A Brahmin visitor to Madurai from Puhar
  • Neduncheliyan – Pandya king
  • Ayan – The one who is worthy
  • Venba- Classical Tamil poetry meter
  • Adhiyan- The one who deserves to be prased.
  • Paraman- The one who is at the higher rank
  • Meetpan- the Saviour
  • Thavan- The one who cogitate
  • Nilavan- The moon
  • Nedumaan-Great son
  • Komaan-The emperor
  • Piraan- The Lord
  • Amudhan- The one who is like wine
  • Veyndhan- The one who is the king
  • Iniyan- The one who has a sweet nature
  • Anban-The darling one
  • Anbu- Love and affection
  • Ezhil- Beauty
  • Anbukkarasu- the king of love
  • Muthu- Pearl
  • Tholkaappiyan- The one who is the writer of ancient literature
  • Vittri- The one who has victory
  • Kannan- It is another name of Lord Krishna
  • Kadhir- The bright sun at the sky
  • Ilango- The king who is too young
  • Anjaan- The one who fears no one
  • Vendhan- The one who is sovereign
  • Vettaiyan- the one who is hunter
  • Azhagu- The beauty
  • Arivu- Knowledge, wisdom

Tamils also have modern and some traditional names. The traditional ones are still preferred by the parents, and the modern names are also gaining wide popularity among the Tamil nation. Tamil names also have strong ties with Tamil literature.