Because your antique engagement ring is so precious, it is vital to know the best way to clean it. These straight forward tips will show you exactly how.

Gold and diamonds are precious substances that are highly prized throughout the entire world. When these rare commodities are fashioned into a diamond ring, they symbolize the love between two people and are treasured not only for their monetary value but for representing the uniting of two lives by a declaration of love.  Such a token so rare and precious needs to be treated with extremely good care.

Following the advice in this guide will ensure your antique engagement ring continues to hold its splendor long into the future and give great satisfaction to the wearer and all who see it. There are many of such authentic antique engagement rings by style at Kalmar Antiques that are fine examples.

Store Your Jewelry Safely

Most people rarely remove their engagement ring; but whenever it is taken off, be sure to store it wrapped in a piece of soft cotton cloth or alone in a cotton lined jewelry box. This will keep the ring from bumping up against other jewelry items and safe from harmful dents and scratches.

Gentle Cleaning Solution

Gold jewelry can be cleaned in cold or lukewarm water with a few drops of detergent mixed together in a small glass jar. A gentle dip and rub with a very soft toothbrush afterwards should suffice but for more ingrained and stubborn dirt it is fine to leave the ring in the solution overnight. Just be sure to brush softly and always use a jar to limit any risk of losing your ring down the sink.

Avoid Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

Ultrasonic cleaning machines should be avoided, especially with pave settings. The subtle vibrations of these machines can loosen stones from their settings and further weaken already compromised materials. They have even been known to fracture some stones. For these reasons it is best to avoid such machines entirely.

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Magic Vodka

One little known cleaning tip is to immerse your engagement ring in a glass of vodka and leave it overnight. The alcohol will leave your diamond sparkling clean. When you remove the ring give it a quick rinse with water and dry it with a suitable cloth.  Avoid using paper towels as this will leave tiny fragments of dust and paper fibers, defeating the cleaning.

Lens Cloth

Make it a habit to give your engagement ring a gentle wipe with a lens cloth every two weeks or so. Lens cloths are used to clean prescription glasses and camera lenses. They are designed to be lint free and soft enough not to scratch the glass they clean. This makes them perfect for cleaning jewelry.


Although it may seem strange, many people use Windex window cleaner to clean their engagement ring. One can both spray Windex onto a cloth and gently polish the ring, or make a solution of warm water and Windex. Just soak the ring and gently brush it. Windex contains ammonia which can easily break down and disperse the oils that accumulate on jewelry.

Professional Jeweler

Jewelers often have access to a specially designed steam cleaner that will make your jewelry look like new again. You can make an inquiry at to find out if they have it. This is a great solution for ingrained dirt and while your ring is being cleaned it can also be closely inspected for loose stones or any wear on the prongs and settings.

Learning how to clean your own jewelry is not at all complicated. The key is regular, very gentle cleaning. Doing so guarantees your ring will keep on shining brightly and bring you great pleasure every single day.

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This article is contributed by Katrina Fernandez.