You and your best friend have been through so much together; new boyfriends, new jobs, new homes and now they have a new baby. There will be a lot of changes in your BFF’s life, a lot to learn and get used to, which can be equally scary for them as it is exciting. But you are an amazing friend and there are a few ways you can be there for them to make their new life with baby that little bit easier.

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Cook a meal

Your bestie will be more focused on feeding their new bundle of joy than themselves, so why not treat them to a home cooked meal? Anything will beat the crisps they have been nibbling on between baby feeds. Plus, you could always make extra for them to heat up at a later date. Double friend points!

Provide essentials for baby

All new mothers will come to find that you go through nappies and clothing like there is no tomorrow! So why not help mom out with a baby basket full of essentials such as baby grows, nappies, cuddly toys, blankets and more? You could even visit Me and My Child and help them stock up on formula. They will appreciate this far more than an overly expensive present that they may never use as these extremely useful baskets are full of things that they will need on a daily basis.

Take something for Mom

Everyone is so focused on the new baby and rightly so, but don’t forget about mom, like a new mom gift basket.  Anything from a chocolate bar to toiletries or even a bunch of flowers will be much appreciated. The smallest thing will show that you are thinking about your friend and not just her new baby. If it is a special occasion such as her birthday or Mother’s Day, you could get her a personalized mother’s necklace. After all she did do all the hard work!

Just be there for them

To watch the baby for five minutes while they have a break to do a few chores or have a much needed nap! To listen to them talk baby or to provide some probably  much needed adult conversation. But don’t forget there is no instructional manual when you become a parent, you can advise when necessary, but be careful not to tell them what they should be doing.

Run errands

It will not be easy to keep on top of the everyday chores and errands with a little one in tow, whether you offer to hoover the house or pick up the food shopping, it will be one thing this new mom can cross off her seemingly never ending list.

Give them some space

As much as you want to help, be around your best friend and coo over their tiny baby, remember they need some space. They have just become a mom and need time and room to breathe to get used to that and get in to a routine that suits them. Don’t keep turning up unannounced, just be there for them as much or as little as they need. You could also have a quiet word – on behalf of your best friend – with any over eager relatives if they are becoming too much for her.

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