Beach Fairy Garden

I have made fairy gardens with my kids before, and this time I decided on a garden for a friend.  The beach theme was for someone who loves visiting Cape Cod.

I decided on half beach and half succulent garden.

DIY Beach Fairy Garden

For the beach portion, I used:

~ Adirondack chair set with table

~ white picket fence

~ beach sand

~ beach umbrella

~ blue glass (for “water”)

I did place the sand on top of some plastic, to prevent it from mixing too much with the dirt.

DIY Beach Fairy Garden

I thought the chairs were a cute set, since my friend goes with her boyfriend of many years to the beach.  We also bought an assortment of mini shells to sprinkle on the beach and placed a starfish on the table.

DIY Beach Fairy Garden

For the succulent part of the garden, I used:

~ potting soil

~ a variety of three small succulents

~ a portion of picket fence leftover

~ a “Crab Shack” sign

DIY Beach Fairy Garden

You can, of course, situate your garden however you like!

DIY Beach Fairy Garden

 This post is not sponsored.  

Beach accessories were purchased at

Plants, pot, and soil were purchased from nurseries.