Winters in upstate New York are long.. and very cold.  We did our best to survive the winter with some outdoor activities, like snowshoeing.


As much as we got creative to pass the blustery days…

Rock Climbing

…we were more than ready for warm weather.  And suddenly, spring arrived!  Things are in full swing around here, between working on projects around the house and in the yard.  When we aren’t at home (being “weekend warriors”!), we are on the playground or off planning our next adventure.


And if we weren’t busy enough on weekends, I spend all my free time on weekdays (when the kids are in school) working in a greenhouse. First, it is a whirlwind of getting the kids ready for school.  Once I drop them off, I have a quick bite to eat, either while watching a few minutes of the news or while I’m trying to get a few things done.

Then I toss what I need in a bag and I’m off to work.


This year I started a new job in a greenhouse, where I am on my feet for about 6 hours straight until it is time to pick up the kids.  It is a lot of work, and can be physically exhausting.  It is easy to feel hungry and tired, but really there is no time to sit and take a break, so I always keep a PROBAR in my pocket.


My favorite flavor is hands down the Chocolate Coconut!  But there are so many great flavors to suit every mood.  I keep a big stash of PROBARs in my pantry, from the Original Bar to Peanut Butter Chocolate.


One product that has me surprised are the PROBAR Bolt Chews.  These are energy bites that contain caffeine – but the great part is that it is caffeine from Yerba Mate.  After tucking these away, I ended up needing these.  So many times.  From being up all night with a sick child to going on a road trip after staying up late packing.  I got the energy kick I needed to power through my day – but without the unhealthy, jittery side effects of something like a sugary cup of coffee.


Another product that had me surprisingly pleased were the PROBAR Base Protein Bar.  I tend to be wary about protein products, between the taste and because I usually see a list of ingredients that I don’t like.  But the PROBAR Base products are tasty, and they have 20 grams of plant protein and lots of great ingredients (including chia and flax seeds!).
PROBAR products are a great way to have a convenient food on hand that is not full of junk.  I was sick this winter with pneumonia and when I finally regained my appetite, I found that the PROBAR was a great way to get some sustenance.  With healthy, wholesome ingredients, I felt nourished and was able to gain energy.

There are endless uses for these bars – from a meal to a source of energy for a workout or other physical activity.  I have found just how much PROBAR is great for every day.  I need something that actually sustains me, without containing junk.  PROBAR products are healthy, and do not contain junk like a lot of products.  I can’t begin to describe how wonderful their products taste.  I love that I get a tasty product that provides energy, and I don’t have to worry about things like artificial ingredients, artificial colors, and GMOs.


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This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.