We get really excited about Halloween.  As soon as school starts, and even earlier, it seems like Halloween decorations are out in the store, meaning my kids anticipate Halloween that much more.  We decided we needed a Halloween countdown!

This is an easy project, and only a few supplies are needed:

~ Frame

~ Halloween stickers, shapes, etc.  You can use scrapbook items, cut things yourself, or use a Cricut.

~ Chalkboard labels

– alternatively, you can cut out a black shape, and then use the glass in the frame to write on top of with a wipe-off marker.

~ Paper – orange or whatever color you like.  You may want to check the craft stores for scrapbook Halloween themed-paper, or stick with a solid color.

~ Printer (unless you want to write out your words)

To start, choose your size frame.  It is really up to you what size you want to make your project.  For mine, I used a 9×12″ piece of scrapbook paper from the craft store, and a large frame.

Print out your countdown.  In this case, I printed “days until Halloween”, but you choose whatever wording you would like, such as “nights ’til Halloween” or “Days until we go a haunting”.  I used Microsoft Office’s “Blackadder” font, but you could also use a free editing website like picmonkey.com, which has some cool Halloween fonts.

Cut your paper to the size of your frame, if necessary.  My frame came with a black mat (inner paper border), which was helpful in not having to measure perfectly.

Affix your chalkboard sticker.  Or, cut a shape out of regular paper to use instead, and then you can write on top of the glass with a marker that can be wiped off (you might need to use white paper for that, so that darker marker will stand out, unless you can find a wipe-off marker that will show up against a black background).

Decorate your page.  This can be hand-drawn, stickers, paper embellishments (like scrapbooking decorations), designs cut with a Cricut, etc.

Place your project in your frame.  I used a chalkboard sticker, so I placed the countdown in the frame without the glass.  If you are going to use wipe-off markers, use the glass and simply write your countdown on top of the glass.  Or, use your chalkboard stickers and the glass – whatever works for you!

Happy Halloween!