I try to avoid plastic as much as I can, and I prefer glass over plastic hands down for all drinking and food storage.  There are so many reasons, such as no waste and the risk of plastics leaching chemicals, to name a few.

* Note – Faucet Face is no longer in business.

Faucet Face

Faucet Face makes it easy to ditch plastic bottles.  Their glass bottles are an attractive alternative to disposables.

Have you ever noticed how everything tastes better in glass? That’s because glass won’t taint liquids like plastic or metal can. You already use glass for wine and other beverages, so why not for your water? Get a Faucet Face bottle today and keep your water tasting fresh!

I have been using my Faucet Face “Hummingbird Feeder” bottle, which is beautiful!  It has a simple yet pretty design, with hummingbirds around the bottle.  There are 3 attractive designs to choose from, including “Hose Water”, “Tap is Terrific” and the hummingbird design.

Faucet Face

What sets this aside from other glass bottles, in addition to the beautiful design, is that it is a nice drinking bottle size.  This isn’t like a sport size water bottle – yet it is portable.  I can keep this chilled in the fridge, or bring it along with me to the car.

I have even kept this in the side pocket of my tote bag.  I do have a glass sports bottle, but it is pretty big.  I often find myself lugging a heavy tote bag around (carrying stuff for the kids), and the last thing I need is a bulky, heavy water bottle.  My Faucet Face bottle comes with a cap which I use when I have this bottle in my bag.

One of the first things I noticed was that it has a very solid feel to it.  This is a thick glass bottle, making it durable, and I expect it will hold up well.

Faucet Face

Overall, I have really enjoyed my Faucet Face bottle.  It is very pretty and I find it is my go-to drinking glass at home, and I often find myself bringing this when I go places.  I primarily drink water and it is a great way to have water near me at all times, and to help discourage me from buying other drinks.  Save yourself the money, be environmentally friendly, and drink healthier with a Faucet Face water bottle!