10 Reasons to Cloth Diaper

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Expecting?  Have a baby in diapers?  Don’t throw your money away!  Consider cloth.

Here are 10 reasons you need to take a look at modern cloth diapers.

10. They’re adorable.  The prints, the colors, the fluffy soft fabrics.  Aah.

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9. They’re more like disposables than ever.  With “all-in one” styles and Velcro closures available, even new Daddies and babysitters will have no trouble.  Cloth diapers aren’t plastic pants and prefolds anymore!

8. They can save you money.  Dirty Diaper Laundry showed how you can cloth diaper for around $60.  Even with more expensive styles, they cost less over time than disposables and they have resale value when you’re finished with them.  Let’s see you do that with disposable diapers!

7. You will do less laundry.  What?  Yep.  I had so many blowouts with disposables that I regularly had to wash entire outfits.  Cloth contains messes so well that I swear I do less laundry, even with washing diapers!

6. Cloth is convenient.  Washing, stuffing and folding diapers is convenient?  Yes!  No running out to the store to get diapers, trying to hurry up and use up a pack of now too-small diapers, no clipping coupons, sale shopping and trying to stockpile the right size diapers!  No stinky trash, no hauling dirty diapers and empty diaper packages to the curb either.

5. Washing cloth diapers isn’t hard.  You don’t have to dunk them in the toilet or soak them in bleach.  You don’t even need expensive detergents.  Many moms have great success using whatever detergent they have on hand.

4. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  The diaper police won’t come and arrest you if you use disposables at night, on trips or at daycare.  I promise.  There are even diapers available with disposable inserts (like Flip and GroVia.)

3. Everyone else is doing it.  Cloth is starting to go mainstream, and some people are finding cloth diapering products in grocery and drug stores.  Even celebrities are using cloth diapers!

2. You might like it.  Lots of people who switch for a certain reason (to save money, or cut down on rashes) are surprised to find that cloth diapering becomes a hobby.  Putting a cute fluffy diaper on your baby is fun, and stacking clean diapers up nice and neat is relaxing!

1. If you cloth diaper, what is the #1 reason you think other parents should consider cloth diapers?

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