Every home requires timely upgrades and remodeling to stay in good shape. While construction projects are exciting, the amount of dust, dirt, and debris they leave behind can be stressful. If your contractor doesn’t provide help in this area, you may have to handle the entire cleanup responsibility. It’s daunting, but you can streamline this process and breathe easy. Here is a quick checklist for some guidance.

Kitchen Home
  • Kitchen

Whether you live in Winter Garden or elsewhere, kitchens are one of the busiest places in any home. Since you cook meals here, the entire area should be given proper attention during cleaning. Focus on the cracks where dust and dirt often accumulate. Backsplash and countertops can also be soiled after the construction work. Mild soap and water can help clean them. Use the soapy solution on drawers and cabinets, too. At the same time, clean appliances, range hoods, filters, shelves, windows, doors, and wooden furniture. Even sinks, faucets, light fixtures, and ceilings can become dirty due to the remnants of the construction materials. Wipe them carefully. The floor will need sweeping and mopping. 

Does it already sound like lots of work? Contact Breathe Maids of Winter Garden. A well-established maid services agency can also handle other sections of the house after the renovation to give your abode a shiny and healthy touch. 

  • Bathrooms

Even a relatively tiny corner of the home, like a bathroom, may scream for attention due to the mess created by a construction job. These humid rooms should get rid of dust quickly. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to clean the surfaces if the dust gets sticky. Your plumbing lines may suffer from clogging if it enters them. You may have many other things to do after the construction work. If you want to reduce your headache, let the professional cleaners look after this. They will vacuum all the surfaces to eliminate dust and make them dry. At the same time, these professionals disinfect them to avoid any risk of contact with bacteria or germs. Lights, exhaust fans, shelves, glass, countertops, windows, doors, mirrors, and all the other elements will be thoroughly cleaned to restore their charm. 

  • Bedrooms

Please don’t assume your bedroom will be safe from construction dirt and debris because it was untouched. The dust flying from the construction debris will still impact it. An unclean bedroom environment can disturb your sleep and breathing. So, when you call Winter Garden cleaning services, let them know you also want your bedroom to be thoroughly cleaned. They will remove the traces of dust and other unwanted substances from mattresses, furniture, closets, drawers, shelves, ceiling fans, light fixtures, vents and filters, floors, doors, windows, etc.

  • Living room

No matter whether this place gets a makeover or not, it faces dust and dirt caused by the ongoing construction work in the connecting area. Shelves, tables, doors, windows, furniture, upholstery, and other spots can quickly become dusty. Light fixtures, fans, filters, walls, and floors will not be spared. Your cleaning agency can tackle them as well. 

Typically, Florida homeowners prefer to renovate their homes during fall and winter. When do you plan to do it? If you have this project on your mind, think through all the aspects, especially post-construction cleanup. Otherwise, the new-looking home may not be habitable or safe to live. 

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