Your wedding day is one of the most significant events in your life, and finding the perfect wedding dress is a top priority for many brides-to-be. With the convenience of online shopping, more and more brides are turning to the internet to find their dream gowns. This guide will help you navigate the process of buying a wedding dress online, providing you with top tips and essential information.

How to Start Wedding Dress Shopping

Starting your wedding dress shopping journey can be overwhelming, especially when you’re doing it online. Here’s how to begin:

  1. Set a Budget: Determine how much you’re willing to spend. This will help narrow down your options and prevent you from falling in love with a dress that’s out of your price range.
  2. Research Styles: Familiarize yourself with different wedding dress styles. Look through bridal magazines, websites, and social media to identify the silhouettes, fabrics, and designers you like.
  3. Take Measurements: Accurate measurements are crucial when buying a dress online. Enlist the help of a friend or professional to measure your bust, waist, hips, and length.
  4. Create a Wishlist: Save the dresses you love on various online platforms. This will make it easier to compare styles and prices later.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Wedding Dresses Online


  • Variety: Online shopping offers a vast selection of dresses from all over the world, giving you access to styles and designers you might not find locally.
  • Convenience: You can shop from the comfort of your home at any time, without the pressure of salespeople.
  • Competitive Prices: Online retailers often offer competitive pricing and frequent sales, which can help you save money.


  • No Try-Ons: The biggest downside is not being able to try the dress on before purchasing. This makes it harder to assess the fit, fabric, and overall look.
  • Sizing Issues: Sizes can vary significantly between brands, and even slight measurement discrepancies can affect the fit.
  • Return Policies: Some online stores have strict return policies, making it difficult to exchange or return a dress that doesn’t meet your expectations.

When to Go Wedding Dress Shopping Online

Timing is crucial when shopping for your wedding dress online. Here are some tips:

  • Start Early: Begin your search at least 9-12 months before your wedding. This gives you ample time for browsing, ordering, and alterations.
  • Consider Shipping Time: Allow enough time for shipping, which can take several weeks, especially for custom-made dresses.
  • Seasonal Sales: Take advantage of seasonal sales and discounts. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and end-of-season sales can offer significant savings.

How to Choose the Right Size of Your Wedding Dress Online

Choosing the correct size is one of the most critical aspects of buying a wedding dress online. Here’s how to get it right:

  1. Use the Size Chart: Always refer to the retailer’s size chart, as sizes can vary between brands.
  2. Read Reviews: Customer reviews can provide insights into how a dress fits and if it runs true to size.
  3. Order a Larger Size: If you’re between sizes, it’s safer to order the larger one. It’s easier to take a dress in than let it out.
  4. Consult a Professional: If in doubt, consult a tailor or seamstress with your measurements and the dress’s size chart.

The Things You Need to Know When Buying Wedding Dresses Online

Before making a purchase, keep these key considerations in mind:

  • Research the Seller: Ensure the retailer is reputable by reading reviews and checking ratings on independent sites.
  • Understand the Fabric: Pay attention to the fabric descriptions and consider how they will look and feel in real life.
  • Check the Return Policy: Familiarize yourself with the return policy, including any fees and time limits.
  • Request Fabric Swatches: Some retailers offer swatches of fabric so you can see and feel the material before committing.
  • Be Aware of Hidden Costs: Consider additional costs such as shipping, taxes, and alterations when budgeting for your dress.

Best Place to Buy Wedding Dresses Online

Azazie is a premier destination for online wedding dress shopping, offering a vast array of styles to suit every bride’s taste. Their collection ranges from classic ball gowns to sleek, modern designs, all crafted with high-quality materials. Azazie’s standout feature is their custom sizing option, allowing brides to input their exact measurements for a perfect fit, significantly reducing the need for alterations.

In addition to affordable prices, Azazie provides a Try at Home program, enabling brides to try on sample dresses in the comfort of their own homes. With a user-friendly website, excellent customer reviews, and a commitment to sustainability, Azazie is a top choice for finding your dream wedding dress online.


Buying a wedding dress online can be a convenient and rewarding experience if you know what to look for and how to navigate the process. Start early, do your research, and pay close attention to sizing and return policies. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect dress for your special day.


Is it cheaper to buy a wedding dress online?

Generally, yes. Online retailers often have lower overhead costs compared to brick-and-mortar stores, allowing them to offer competitive prices. Additionally, you can find frequent sales and discounts online, making it possible to score a great deal.

What is the average price of bridal gowns online?

The average price of bridal gowns online varies widely depending on the retailer, designer, and style. You can find budget-friendly options starting around $100, while mid-range dresses typically cost between $500 and $1,500. High-end designer gowns can range from $2,000 to $10,000 or more.