Teaching teenagers how to care for their Apple devices is essential in an age where technology plays a crucial role in their daily lives. 

In fact, as reported by Piper Sandler, 85 percent of teens in the US own an ‌iPhone‌. There are also others who use different Apple products like iPads and Apple Watches. 

These devices, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, are very costly investments. As Investopedia puts it, Apple has a sizable markup on its smartphones and other products. Also, if what Forbes says is true, these devices are only going to get costlier in the coming years. 

Ensuring that your teens know how to maintain their devices can extend the lifespan of these gadgets. Here are a few detailed tips to guide you in teaching your teen children how to care for their Apple devices.

Emphasizing the Importance of Regular Cleaning

One of the fundamental aspects of caring for Apple devices is keeping them clean. Explain to your teens that regular cleaning helps maintain the device’s functionality and appearance. 

For iPhones and iPads, demonstrate how to use a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen gently. The New York Times says that you can use a microfiber cloth to clean almost any sort of device. Stress the importance of turning off the device before cleaning to prevent any potential damage from moisture. 

A small amount of water or a screen-safe cleaner can be used, but it’s crucial to avoid using harsh chemicals.

For the Apple Watch, show them how to detach the watch bands and clean the watch body and bands separately. Emphasize the need to dry all components thoroughly before reassembling them.

Is it okay to clean a phone screen with soap?

It’s not recommended to clean a phone screen with soap, as it can leave residues and damage the screen’s protective coating. Instead, use a microfiber cloth slightly dampened with water or a screen-safe cleaner. Harsh chemicals and abrasive materials should be avoided to maintain screen integrity.

Teaching Safe Charging Practices

Charging habits play a significant role in the longevity of Apple devices. 

Educate your teens on the importance of using genuine Apple chargers and cables. Counterfeit or substandard chargers can damage the battery and even pose safety risks. 

Explain that charging their devices overnight is generally safe with modern Apple devices, thanks to optimized battery charging features. However, it’s still a good practice to unplug the device once it’s fully charged to avoid unnecessary wear on the battery.

Illustrate the importance of not using their devices while charging, especially for high-intensity tasks like gaming or streaming. This can generate excessive heat and strain the battery. 

Why shouldn’t you use a phone while charging?

Using a phone while charging can generate excess heat, potentially causing the device to overheat and damage the battery. It may also slow down the charging process and, in rare cases, pose a safety risk if the charger or battery is faulty. This practice can decrease the overall lifespan of your phone’s battery.

Should you charge your phone overnight?

According to PCMag, charging a phone overnight is not technically a bad thing. However, the charging must be optimized. Otherwise, there’s a chance that such an approach to charging can hamper your phone’s lifespan. The best thing to do is to use a smart plug that turns off once charging is complete. 

Also, teach them to charge their devices in a cool, dry place and avoid covering them with blankets or pillows during charging to prevent overheating. By understanding these safe charging practices, your teens can help maintain the health of their device batteries over the long term.

Using Protective Accessories

Investing in high-quality protective accessories is crucial for preventing damage to Apple devices. Explain to your teen the importance of using protective cases for Apple devices, bands and straps for Apple watches

According to LEOBANDS, buying these protective accessories from reputed sellers guarantees products of the highest quality. These cases offer a safeguard against accidental drops and scratches. 

Demonstrate how to properly install and remove the case without causing damage to the device. Similarly, encourage them to use screen protectors to shield the display from scratches and cracks. 

For Apple Watches, discuss the benefits of using bands and straps designed for durability and comfort. Show them how to properly attach and detach the watch band to avoid damaging the watch. 

Why are Regular Software Updates So Important?

As Apple Support puts it, keeping software up to date is vital for the security and performance of Apple devices. Explain to your teens that software updates often include important security patches, bug fixes, and new features that enhance the user experience. Show them how to check for updates on their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Encourage them to enable automatic updates to ensure they don’t miss any critical updates. Explain that regular updates can help protect their devices from vulnerabilities and ensure compatibility with the latest apps and features.

Teaching Data Management and Backup

Proper data management is essential for maintaining the performance of Apple devices and safeguarding important information. 

Educate your teens on the importance of regularly backing up their data to iCloud or a computer. Explain how to set up automatic iCloud backups and how to manually back up their devices using iTunes or Finder on a Mac.

Teach them how to manage their storage by regularly deleting unnecessary files, apps, and photos. Show them how to offload unused apps while keeping their data intact, a feature that helps free up storage space without losing valuable information. 

Should you set up parental control on a teen’s iPhone?

Setting up parental controls on a teen’s iPhone can be beneficial for managing screen time, app usage, and content access. It helps ensure safe online experiences and fosters healthy digital habits. However, balancing supervision with trust and open communication is essential to respect their growing independence.

Based on this actionable guide, teaching your teen children how to care for their Apple devices involves more than just basic maintenance. These lessons protect your investment and also instill a sense of responsibility and care in your teens. That, in turn, helps them appreciate and maintain their valuable tech tools.