Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries, which can be temporary or leave permanent marks. If you are the rider and seem confused after an accident, you must know your right to move on to the next step. Along with what you should do after an accident, knowing what you should not is essential. It ensures that nothing can jeopardize your rights, and you can get compensation. Otherwise, it can result in legal penalties, moving the case in favor of the influential company. 

Let’s outline the inevitable mistakes you should avoid after a motorcycle accident:

  • Never leave the accident scene

Immediately after a motorcycle accident, it’s natural to feel disoriented and overwhelmed. However, resisting the urge to leave the scene is crucial, even if the damages or injuries seem minor. Remember, it’s not just about your safety but also your legal obligations. Leaving the scene without sharing information with the other parties is illegal and can lead to criminal charges against you.

  • Remember to call the cops

Regardless of the accident’s severity, you must report it to the police. This official documentation will serve as crucial evidence when filing insurance claims or lawsuits. Gather all pertinent information about the accident and the individuals involved, as this will further strengthen your case.

  • Remember to get medical attention

Following a motorcycle accident, it’s important to remember that not all injuries are immediately apparent. You may not feel any pain initially, but internal injuries or whiplash could manifest later, even weeks or months after the accident. To ensure your health and well-being, seeking immediate medical attention after the accident is crucial to identify any potential injuries. 

  • Never admit your fault

Regardless of the circumstances, avoiding admitting fault after a motorcycle accident is vital. Even a simple statement like ‘I’m sorry’ can be used against you as evidence of responsibility, potentially reducing your compensation. Instead, focus on sharing your contact or insurance information and avoid discussing the accident with other parties. 

  • Remember to collect evidence

Try to gather as much evidence as possible from the scene, such as photographs of your motorcycle’s damages, visible injuries, what happened to the other vehicle, and a video of the accident site. You can also contact the witnesses to gather information from them, and this evidence will be valuable in establishing the fault and determining the damages caused. 

  • Only try to negotiate with the insurance company with a lawyer

Insurance companies would try to settle the claim with the least possible money and at the earliest. It would help if you did not negotiate with them directly. Instead, hire motorcycle accident lawyers San Diego to negotiate on your behalf and handle all the communication. Otherwise, the insurance company can also record your statement and use it to reduce the claim amount. 

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You need to advocate for your case and ensure the compensation is fair. If you have a permanent injury, then the compensation should be able to support you financially, physically, and mentally, so get help from a motorcycle accident attorney.