Thailand, a Southeast Asian country, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is home to some of the most stunning beaches, majestic palaces and temples, ancient ruins, and the most amazing national parks. A trip to Thailand is bound to give you the best moments of your life; we are sure you will remember your stay here for a long time and go back with some cherished memories.

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The craze for Thai tourism is not ending anytime soon. Around 29 million people visited this beautiful land in 2023, and the number is set to grow exponentially in the next few years. The best part about Thailand is that it caters to all types of tourists: luxury seekers, budget backpackers, family groups, and solo travellers.

One of the most famous places to visit in Thailand is Khao Sok National Park. It offers the perfect blend of Thailand’s scenic views, wildlife, luxury, hospitality, and epic gastronomy. No words, no matter how fancy they are, can define Khao Sok National Park. You have to be there to observe the park’s natural beauty and get immersed in its glory.

This post is all about khao Sok holiday packages, what to do there, how to get there, and some facts about this awesome place. So, let’s get down to business and help you plan your trip.

Facts about Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

  • Address: Phanom District, Surat Thani, Thailand
  • Phone: +66 77 395 154
  • Area: 739 SQ KM
  • Established: December 22, 1980

Things to Do During Khao Sok Luxury Holidays

Experience Jungle Wilderness

The true spirit of Khao Sok holidays is only found after exploring and trekking in the jungle. You can either hire a TAT-approved guide for a trip through the jungle or go solo. The second option is a bit more challenging, as the jungle is home to various animals. If you are taking the second option, make sure you follow the trekking guidelines. 

Enjoy your Time with Elephants

Khao Sok National Park is home to nature’s most majestic and gigantic creatures: elephants. A khao sok holiday is an ideal time to get up-close and personal with these animals. Almost all Khao Sok tour packages come with an elephant safari. A day with elephants consists of preparing food, feeding them, and seeing them spend their time in the open lands. 

Go on a River Ride

The Sok River is an ideal spot to relax and enjoy nature’s marvels. You can opt for kayaking, canoeing, or bamboo rafting. Apart from the beautiful river, you can also see animals like birds, snakes, lizards, and monkeys.

Pump up some Adrenaline with an ATV Ride

What could be more amazing than an ATV ride through the jungle? There are many tour operators in the national park from which you can rent an ATV, or you can sit behind an experienced driver and enjoy your tour.

Treat yourself with Some Authentic Thai Food

Khao Sok is home to many eateries that offer authentic and delicious Thai food. A Khao Sok holiday is not complete without trying the local foods. There are many upscale restaurants in the area, but the perfect Thai food is served at small stalls in the national park. 

How do I Tour Khao Sok National Park?

There are two primary ways to tour Khao Sok Park. We will explain both for readers, so you can make the best possible choice as per your budget and preferences.

The First Option: DIY Tour

A DIY tour is the best option when you are looking for savings and want to get first-hand experience for booking and executing a trip. Here are different ways to reach Khao Sok from various cities in Thailand.

Surat Thani to Khao Sok

Most people plan their Khao Sok holidays from Surat Thani. You can take a local bus from the bus or train station. The buses leave every hour, but the schedule can be flexible as the drivers don’t leave until all the seats are occupied. Or you can get a seat in a shared minivan from Surat Thani town, which takes 2 hours to reach Khao Sok. Another option is to book a minivan from Surat Thani airport.

Phuket to Khao Sok

You can hop in at one of the buses leaving every hour from Phuket bus service. It takes around 6 hours to reach Khao Sok from Phuket Luxury Holidays . So make sure you grab some snacks for the long journey.

Krabi to Khao Sok

Krabi and Khao Sok are around 2 hours away. You can take a minibus or taxi. If you like to get the perfect taste of Khao Sok luxury holidays, we recommend you book a ferry. A ferry takes more time, but it is an ideal way to explore Thailand’s marine life.

Bangkok to Khao Sok

No trip to Thailand is complete without visiting Bangkok. It is the capital and financial hub of the country. However, Bangkok and Khao Sok are quite far away from each other. It takes around 11 hours to cover the vast distance of 730 kilometres between both places. There is only one bus that leaves from the southern bus station in Bangkok, and it is heavily crowded. So, it is better to book in advance. We would recommend that instead of travelling to Khao Sok directly from Bankok, plan your trip and make stops on your way at other tourist spots. 

The Best Hotels and Resorts to Stay in Khao Sok

There are plenty of options to lodge at Khao Sok. Please note that these hotels are either near the HQ area or Cheow Lan Lake Pier. Both of these areas are around 65 kilometres away from each other. You can select the place that meets your needs.

The ones located near Cheow Lan Lake Pier include Baan Suan Hill Resort, Belong Jin The Dam Resort, and Baandin Chiewlarn Resort. The ones in HQ are Khao Sok Riverside, Our Jungle Camp, Morning Mist Resort, and Khao Sok Rain Forest Resort.

The Second Option: Get an All-Inclusive Khao Sok Luxury Holidays Deal from Virikson Holidays

The second option is quite an easy one. It comes with all the amenities, like flights, transportation, hotels, meals, and entry into the park. Virikson Holidays, one of the best tour operators in the UK, offers bespoke packages formulated to meet the needs of different types of travellers, such as luxury seekers, backpackers, and family groups.

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