Consider trying hand-tied extensions from I Love Slavic Hair to achieve thicker, more groomed, and longer hair. This popular hair extensions type will not only enhance the appearance of your hair but also provide a new level of wearing comfort.

In our article, you will learn all things to know about hand tied tied hair extensions, including whether this hair extensions method is suitable for you and where to order high-quality natural hair for weft hair extensions.

5 Things to Know About Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

The Pros and Cons of Hand-Tied Weft Extensions

Advantages of Hand-Tied Wefts:

  • Natural Appearance

Hand-tied extensions offer a truly natural look unlike any other hair extensions methods. With these extensions, your thin hair will have luxurious volume and length, as if it’s all yours!

  • No Length Loss

In contrast to other permanent hair extensions, the reapplication process for hand-tied wefts ensures that there is no loss of length. For example, if you install bonds or tapes, every reapplication procedure a small part of hair should be cut off.

There is no such a problem with hand-tied wefts: the hair stylist unravels the braid, removes the weft, makes a new braid and attach the weft again thus maintaining the original length of hair.

  • Comfort

Correctly executed weft extensions will not be felt during wearing. This technique is safe for your health: no heat, irons, or glue that can damage your hair!

Moving on to cons, which in this case are very few:

  • It’s important to note that weft hair extensions are not a fast method. The installation process takes from 3 hours, which might not be ideal for those with a busy schedule or who prefer a more time-efficient application method.

How Long Will Hand-Tied Wefts Last

Please be advised that reinstallation if hair extensions is required every 6-9 weeks to maintain their optimal condition. It is not recommended to wear sewn extensions beyond this period, as this may result in tangling of the hair.

Furthermore, the lifespan of the hair depends on the quality of the raw materials used. High-quality materials, combined with regular maintenance and reinstallation, can ensure a period of wear of at least a year.

Will Hand-Tied Extensions Damage Your Own Hair

This technique of hair installation can be called one of the safest, but even here, it is essential to be careful not to damage natural hair:

  • It is essential to correctly calculate the weight of the weft not to create unnecessary load on the roots and not to stimulate hair loss. Usually, it depends on the hair stylist who should choose the best option for you.
  • It’s not just about the weft weight but also the application technique. The hair tech must master this skill and avoid tightening the braid too much. This way, you can avoid discomfort and the risk of injuring your natural hair.

If your master follows these two rules, and you provide careful maintenance of your hair, the problem should not appear.

The Cost of Hand-Tied Extensions Made of Natural Hair

The cost of hair extensions depends on the following factors:

  1. Type of hair (virgin Slavic hair, dyed Russian hair, or European Remy hair)
  2. Colors
  3. Hair texture
  4. Length and weight
  5. Hair tech qualifications and location (famous salons may charge more for their services)

Where to Buy Best Quality Hand-tied Extensions

Stop wasting time searching for high-quality hand-tied extensions and check out I Love Slavic Hair! This store specializes in making hand-tied weft hair extensions tailored to your specific requirements such as head size, number of rows, thickness, texture, and color. You can also customize the length and volume of the hair to achieve your desired look.

The company uses top-notch raw materials to help you achieve the perfect look you’ve always wanted!

In conclusion, hand-tied weft extensions offer a natural and comfortable solution for achieving thicker, longer hair without compromising on quality. With the benefits of maintaining natural hair length, providing a seamless and comfortable wear, and minimizing the risk of damage to your own hair, hand-tied weft extensions are an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their thin hair with added dimension. When properly installed and maintained, these weft extensions can provide a natural and voluminous look, making them a desirable option for anyone seeking a reliable and high-quality hair extension solution.

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