We all want a home that is comfy, inviting, beautiful, and well-decorated. We wander in the long aisles of flea markets, browse online boutiques, and check out world-famous paintings’ replicas and world maps sales, but… something just goes wrong. We start decorating and designing but end up in a décor chaos. To help you decorate and design without creating a room that looks off, we will learn what you have to stay away from in the process to have a harmonious and welcoming space, as a result.

1. Lack of Adequate Lighting

Why does lighting usually become an afterthought? The biggest mistake that most homeowners usually make is using just a single light item in the center of the ceiling. This single fixture is supposed to light the whole room. Wrong! Experts recommend using layered lighting – a tandem of gimbals, table/floor lamps, ceiling lights, spotlights, etc.

2. Cluttering Room with Tons of Accessories

There’s no doubt that all those cute accessories add a personal touch and style to your room. But the reality is if you overdo it, you will inevitably create visual clutter that is sure to overwhelm your senses. Instead of displaying every statuette, plate, vase, or any other décor item, choose a couple of meaningful pieces that will add personality to the setting and even complement it. This is where quality is more important than quantity.

3. Using Artwork of the Wrong Size

No matter how gorgeous the piece of art is, it will lose its charm if you fail to choose the right size (unless you do it intentionally). For instance, if you would like to hang a particular work of art over a sofa in a living room, make sure to pick one of a rectangular shape and about two-thirds the width of your sofa. Before you put up anything, use painter’s tape to check out the potential view.  

4. Lack of Personal Touches

Sticking to design principles is not a bad idea, of course. However, if you follow the generally accepted tendencies but neglect using personal touches, you will end up in a home that lacks character, warmth, personality, and, well, life. As we’ve already mentioned above, too many accessories with personal meaning at home will make your room look like a kingdom of mess. That is why you should make sure your space reflects your interests and personality by using only meaningful décor items. Things like personal collections or family heirlooms could be an option. In other words, your task here is to strike a balance between being en vogue and adding your unique inner self into the room to create a setting that is 100% welcoming and personalized.

5. Wrong Color Palette

One of the most common mistakes in home design is choosing a color palette that has nothing to do with the overall mood or/and theme of a space. When choosing, stay away from focusing only on personal preferences or current trends. Consider how all the elements in a room are going to interact with the chosen palette. There’s a color theory at your service that you can use to create a cohesive palette that boosts the ambiance you dream of achieving. Happy decorating!