Bulk human hair is a well-known favorite among hair professionals. Now, as more and more hair professionals reveal their secrets to great braids, the DIYers are beginning to use them.

A learning curve exists to get the best braids with bulk human hair. Luckily, some hairstyle professionals have shared the best tips and tricks so anyone can have great braids using bulk human hair.

In this article, you will learn the best methods for great braids. As you probably already know, the first tip is to use bulk human hair for braiding. Now, let’s get into the less well-known tips and tricks.

Why are braids so popular decade after decade?

Culturally speaking, braids have played an important role in displaying status, religion, and more. In recent years, they have become more of an art form and a status symbol. The ability to express yourself and potentially your heritage with braids is a powerful reason to wear them.

At the same time, as we continue to have less free time, the ability to style once a week and only do minimal maintenance on the braided hairstyle is also a big draw for busy professionals to wear braids.

Why do hairstyle professionals choose bulk human hair for braiding?

When we look at hair extensions or wigs, we want them to not just look good but to pass as our own hair. No matter how far artificial hair has come in the last few years, it is still not human hair. And it shows when you touch, smell, and sit it side by side with human hair; you can tell it is not the same!

Bulk human hair for braiding, on the other hand actually, is literally human hair. As long as you use these tips and tricks, that is.

Does the source or quality of the bulk human hair for braiding matter?

The short answer is yes—the quality of the bulk human hair for braiding matters. If you purchase poor-quality bulk human hair for braiding, you will never achieve the high-quality braids you could with better-quality bulk human hair for braiding.

Great braids using bulk human hair begin with your scalp and natural hair.

Always prepare your natural hair and scalp for the bulk of human hair for braids. A good shampoo, condition, and brush out are the preferred ways to prepare for the braids. Use a moisturizing conditioner and allow sufficient time for the hair to fully use it before rinsing.

Not preparing the scalp and natural hair for the bulk human hair for braids first is why breakage, split ends, and scalp irritation so often occur.

As you begin braiding, remember the basics, even when using bulk human hair for braiding.

All great braids begin with the basics. Start by separating the hair into sections. A styling comb is best for this step. Pro Tip: You can determine the tightness of the braid by the size of the sections you create.

A smaller section of hair means you will have a tighter braid. A larger section of hair means you will have a looser braid. Practice both ways to find the one that works for your mood today. Beware of overly tight braids. They can cause headaches and discomfort by putting pressure on the scalp.

Avoid tangles and knots while using bulk human hair for braiding.

Braids have a reputation for knots and tangles forming in the hair. A simple way to avoid this is to keep the human hair moisturized. Apply some hair oil to both the bulk human hair for braiding and your natural hair.

Keep the hair oil a quarter of an inch away from the knot, securing the bulk of human hair for braiding.

Allow the hair oil to sit on the hair for five minutes, and then remove it with a clean paper towel.

Sleeping with braids using bulk human hair for braiding.

The sheets and blankets we love are not friendly to our hair. They rub against it, and this causes damage to the hair, even the bulk human hair for braiding. It is a simple matter to protect our braided hair from these dangers.

Purchase a silk scarf or one labeled to protect hair. Then wear it while you are sleeping.

Bulk human hair for braiding does not have to shed!

The shedding of braided hair usually occurs when we fuss with it. The more we fuss, pluck, shift, and poke at it, the more frizz and flyaways we will have. When you need to adjust the braided hair, use a gentle touch.

How often do you need to refresh the braids when you use bulk human hair for the braids?

Most people can safely leave bulk human hair in braids for one to two months. If your hair grows fast or you have complicated braids, this time frame can be reduced.

Removing the braids without damage requires an extra step.

Bulk human hair for braids will benefit from the use of detangling spray at the time you remove the braids. This, coupled with applying hair oil, can protect the hair from damage.

Using the right hair care products, bulk human hair for braids will last longer.

Use shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that prevent hair drying. Avoid using blow dryers as much as possible. Do not use any hair products that have sulfites in them.

Natural alternatives to hair oil that are safe for braiding on bulk human hair.

Natural aloe vera gel can replace hair oil without risk. Many people have also found that natural coconut oil works wonders on bulk human hair for braiding.

Final thoughts and tips on using bulk human hair for braiding.

With every new hairstyle and product, there will be questions that can best be answered in person. Bulk human hair for braiding does not have to be a mystery. I visit Private Label showrooms locally and chat with the hair professionals there.

They always take the time to answer my questions and have the experience I need to be confident in their answers.