Everyone wants to plan and achieve a memorable vacation experience by visiting some of the top destinations across the UK. As easy as it might sound, a family-friendly holiday requires special considerations. These include the destination you are visiting, choice of accommodation, and how long you will be staying. 

Not to mention, you should ask the important question: is the destination you want to visit family-friendly? These all aspects make the overall planning of vacation disheartening and overwhelming. But once you are aware of all the right steps towards making an efficient choice of destination to transportation, you can surely make it a memorable experience. 

Remember, your family tour must start with a properly written itinerary. Penning down your thoughts and plans related to your vacations significantly enhances your ability to make informed decisions. 

For example, travelling with a family of old folks and kids demands special attention for their luggage, gadgets, meal prepping, and most importantly transportation. While London has a historical and cost-effective transportation solution, it is not ideal for long-distance travel with families. 

For a smooth travel experience for your family, you can hire a minibus in London service instead of relying on the uncertain public transport of London. The private minibus will relieve you of the worries of weather conditions and secure travel. Plus, the personalised quotes can help you decide which destination suits best to your budget. 

With that said, we bring you the best and unique family-friendly destinations that you must visit in London. 

  1. Warner Bros. Studios Tour London

With summer break just around the corner, summer is always the best time to travel with kids and have a quick escape. This brings us to our first destination on the list, which is Warner Bros. Studio Tour. 

Kids always love a short vacation break to Hogwarts, School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. The Warner Bros. Studios Tour in London specifically focuses on Harry Potter exhibits and themes, making it a perfect visit for the fans. Plus, a variety of year-long activities and sets make it an ideal destination to enjoy for all age groups. 

All you need to do is to book ahead of your travel to enjoy all the sets and props available to see. 

  1. Sea Life London

If you are seeking out a natural escape day with a variety of exhibits to enjoy, Sea Life is the perfect choice to go for. It is home to over 500 underwater species in different exhibits that are surely worthwhile to see and learn. 

One of the most amazing reasons to visit Sea Life London is the highly interactive and beautifully designed aquariums. Visitors are not limited to a single aquarium but they can also experience different themes, such as an underwater Tunnel, Coral aquarium, and shark experience. 

  1. London Eye

When it comes to the top tourism destination that caters to family experience and fun, the London Eye is never an exception. London Eye is one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world. Being a representation of true English Heritage, the London Eye is a magnificent architecture to see and experience. 

Plus, it is a famous picturesque destination with a variety of attractions and tour services. These qualities of the London Eye surely make it a best family-friendly destination. 

  1. Madame Tussauds

Apart from all the sea life and thrill for kids, London also caters to adults and families who seek unique attractions. It brings us to Madame Tussauds, a famous wax museum in London that attracts tons of visitors per month. 

The museum features incredible works of art with exhibitions including a variety of celebrities, singers, and the Royal Family. While the uncanny resemblance of the characters might seem weird, it is surely an amusing experience for all ages and interests. 

  1. Spa Valley Railway

It is always a smart decision to escape the city and visit old heritage sites to marvel at the landscape and steam trains. Spa Valley Railway is one such old railway station that exhibits the performance of Steam and Diesel locomotives travelling all day to Tunbridge Wells West and Eridge. 

By visiting the Spa Valley Railway, you can experience the overall working of the trains and get a chance to travel on one of the heritage trains.  Plus, the stunning countryside of Kent takes you back to history, making it a perfect picturesque destination for your loved ones. 

Especially, if you have kids, they will surely love the experience of Thomas the Tank Engine. On top of that, the station also plans year-long themed events that can uplift your steam engine travel experience. 

  1. Tower Of London

If you are visiting London and the Tower of London is not on your list, then you are missing out on everything. From an iconic architectural marvel to the glimpse of one of the largest cut diamonds in the World, The Cullinan I, Tower of London is a must-visit location for your loved ones’ vacation. 

The Tower of London qualifies for its representation of 1000 years of British Heritage making it a perfect destination in the heart of London. If you are lucky enough to come early, you can even get a free tour across the site and learn more about the historical influence and immense security of the Tower of London. 

  1. Natural History Museum London

If heritage sites are not enough, then the Natural History Museum is surely something that every member of your family would love to visit. From famous dinosaur specimens to fossils and natural specimens, the museum is filled with breathtaking experiences. Not only that but the museum also features an earth exhibition section that allows you to learn about the natural phenomenon of earth. 

While most of the exhibits are available for free, you have the option to book a guided tour or visit the paid exhibitions for an enhanced experience in the Natural History Museum. 

Final Words

With so many sites and destinations to visit in London, it is quite difficult to settle for a single one for your family-focused travel plans. But with the right planning and writing down itinerary according to a fixed budget, you can easily pick a healthy family-friendly destination. 

Ensure to research and book in advance for your transportation and accommodation. This tactic will help you to avoid any unnecessary and unrealistic price hikes while travelling.