It takes preparation to get a healthy, pedigreed Labrador puppy. In this article, we are going to provide you with eight actions that you can take to ensure the Labrador puppy you are purchasing is healthy. Many first-time puppy buyers are unaware of potential issues. Perhaps the puppy litter in your neighbourhood or the one advertised in the newspaper isn’t the best fit for you. Thus, use caution as you embark on this thrilling adventure!

Most of the time, good breeders have little trouble finding labrador puppies for sale in Victoria. Conversely, they frequently have waiting lists. Thus, use caution if an eight-week-old puppy litter remains unsold. They are making advance plans pay off. It’s okay to plan six to twelve months for your dog’s arrival.

The methodical process outlined below is intended to assist people unfamiliar with dog breeding in selecting the ideal puppy. Before you start looking, don’t forget to read: Are you ready for a Labrador?

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Step 1: Choose the breed of Labrador you wish to own.

Two distinct strains of labradors have emerged in Australia, and other countries—those bred for working as gundogs and those bred for the show ring or as pets. Which Labrador is the right fit for you? is an article that discusses these two breeds and their traits.

These two strains are working type (or field type) and show type in Australia. They are two quite distinct canines in appearance. In Australia, show-bred gun dogs are referred to as bench type (or English) and working-bred Labradors as field type (or American). Regardless of the names given to each country, the split is the same. Additionally, you must know which is which and which you prefer.

Step 2: Look for a few trustworthy Labrador breeders.

Finding a respectable breeder if you have no contacts in the dog world is not as simple as walking into a pet shop, but it is well worth the effort. One place to start your search is via your local Labrador breed group. This will connect you with some experienced breeders. You will next need to do additional checks to determine whether or not the breeders fulfill the criteria you are looking for.

Many breed club committee members are also breeders. If they no longer breed, they will be able to connect you with someone who does. Look at the committee members’ ‘roles’ or ‘titles’. One will be designated FT secretary. The FT stands for Field Trial, indicating that this person is active with working labradors. GWT stands for Gundog Working Test, and this person is most likely a breeder of working gun dogs.

Step 3: Contact Labrador Breeder

Create a list of contacts to approach, then call or email them. Inform them that you found them on the Kennel Club website and seek a pedigree labrador puppy for sale in Victoria. Tell them what type of work (or show) you’re interested in. Have a separate list ready to enter information about any litter.

Remember to ask each breeder three crucial questions: “Do you have a litter of puppies available or planned?” “Have any of your stud dogs been mated to nice female dogs recently?” Can you “recommend a litter or a stud dog?”.

Often, a good breeder will have all of her puppies reserved before birth. So, the second question is frequently the best approach to obtain a puppy from one of her dogs. If you have a color choice, let the breeder know. At this stage, don’t get too involved in specifics about your family, hopes and dreams for your dog, and so on, unless the breeder specifically requests it. He or she will ask you a lot of questions later if you want a labrador puppy for sale in Melbourne.

Step 4: Check Credentials

You are responsible for checking the litter’s credentials. This is something many people are ignorant of. A pedigree does not guarantee much at all. The Kennel Club pedigree is only a lineage record and, contrary to common perception, does not suggest that the puppy (or his parents) have met any criteria.

You must manually check and validate the following three credentials:

  • Temperament
  • Health
  • Ability

Step 5: Choosing Gender

Should you get a dog or a female dog? Some people just favour one gender over another. And making broad generalisations about sexes is difficult.

Male Labradors are just as easy to teach and handle as female dogs. And, while male dogs are more prone to roam unsupervised in an unfenced property, female dogs can do the same. According to one recent study, complete males may be slightly more aggressive than neutered males or females, although most entire male Labradors do not go around picking fights.

Females go into season twice a year, during which time they may be restricted to washable flooring.  They will also need to be kept away from the other guys for around three weeks. They are neutering a female, which costs more than neutering a man.  Furthermore, older, unneutered female dogs are more likely to develop pyometra, a dangerous and potentially fatal ailment.  These are all factors to consider.


Getting a healthy Labrador puppy for sale in Melbourne requires careful planning and proactive efforts. Begin by looking into trustworthy breeders and examining the pup’s habitat and parents’ health. Conduct thorough physical examinations during visits and pay close attention to behavioural indicators. Ensure that vaccines and necessary medical records are up to date. Finally, commit to providing a nurturing atmosphere and proper care for your Labrador throughout its life. By taking these steps, you will welcome a healthy companion and build a lifelong friendship based on trust and wellbeing.