The news of the loss of loved ones exposes us to one of the hardest experiences. At this point, people experience grief, and the question that comes to their mind is how the funerals will be managed. 

Previously, people in their families would ask the funeral homes to assist them with burials. However, are we certain that the death care home is completely alone?

The answer is NO.

Funeral homes provide needed services; even still there are several other ways to honor final send-offs. Realizing your rights and identifying what you can go for will help you make the right decisions during a hard time. 

Considering Alternatives

From an individual perspective, families have several reasons for choosing non-traditional funeral homes. Cost may be viewed in a very broad way. Finding everything from caskets to flowers to the necessary services can burn a hole in a family’s pocket. 

Moreover, some families may not want to avail of the highly expensive services. Efforts to obtain this less formal or more intimate style of event may also require additional costs. 

Planning a Meaningful Send-Off 

Planning a meaningful send-off doesn’t require a funeral home. You can hold the memorial at a community center, church, or another suitable venue. For the ceremony itself, consider hiring a celebrant or someone comfortable leading the service.

There are resources available to help you plan a beautiful and personal memorial without a traditional funeral home service. Simple Send-offs offer a dignified yet affordable option. As a low-cost funeral director, their focus lies in providing straightforward and respectful arrangements without sacrificing quality or care. 

Direct Cremation 

Direct cremation is the actual last rite, with a comparable funeral or no ceremony. This process is also a very cost-effective solution, and you might decide after a while to hold the memorial service at your convenience. 

Some may regard this as an impersonal way of honoring your loved one, but it is respectful to do so as one initiates the desire of the deceased if they wish a simple goodbye. 

DIY Funerals

If you decide to go without a funeral home, then you can still as well schedule the memorial service on your own. This can be done by hiring a place that serves a general purpose, such as an occasion place or a worship place, and contracting individual service providers for the service, like a celebrant or a leader in the ceremony. 

Moreover, there are many resources found on the internet and in public libraries that will assist you in your endeavors to grapple with the legal and organizational aspects of planning a memorial.  

Making the Right Choice

This is an exceptionally personal matter that, consequently, will depend on the desires of the person handling the arrangements. There isn’t a single answer for such a thing. Catch your budget with the extended involvement of your relatives and the wishes of the deceased. 

Despite funeral homes providing numerous benefits, there are other options for people on a budget or who seek more intimate service. They can find means to say an affordable, yet respectful and significant goodbye. 


Under the circumstances, it is an extremely sensitive issue. By getting to know what you have available and weighing a variety of options, you will be in a better position to make the right decisions regarding funeral arrangements that conciliate both dignity and significance.