Moving to a new home can be an exhilarating experience for a family, marking the beginning of a new chapter. However, the actual process of moving can be chaotic and stressful, particularly for families with children. While the idea of keeping the family together during the move might seem comforting, there are compelling reasons to arrange for children to be off-site on moving day. Here are several important considerations that underscore why it’s a safer and more efficient choice.

Safety Concerns

The foremost concern during a move is safety. Moving day involves heavy lifting, the shifting of bulky furniture, and the constant movement of people and boxes. With so much activity, it’s easy for small children to get underfoot, creating a hazardous situation for everyone. Children wandering around can inadvertently get in the way of heavy carrying, leading to potential accidents or injuries. For movers, maintaining a clear path is crucial to safely transporting items out of the old home and into the new one.

Efficiency and Focus

Professional movers are hired to streamline the moving process, working within a set timeframe to transfer your belongings efficiently. Interruptions, such as needing to watch over children or answer their questions, can slow down this process significantly. Additionally, movers often need clear instructions on where to place items, and these directives can be easily missed or misunderstood if the homeowner is distracted by their children.

Emotional Considerations

Moving can be a very emotional experience for children. The sight of their belongings being packed up and taken away can be distressing, and they may feel anxious or upset about leaving their familiar environment. If children are on-site during the move, they might seek comfort and attention at a time when their parents are least able to provide it. This can lead to feelings of neglect and further emotional distress for the child.

Practical Solutions for Moving Day

Understanding the reasons to keep children off-site during a move, here are some practical solutions that can help:

1. **Family or Friends**: One of the easiest solutions is to have children stay with family or friends on moving day. Ideally, this would be with someone they know well and feel comfortable with, which can make it feel like a fun playdate rather than a consequence of the move.

2. **Hire a Babysitter**: For families without nearby relatives or those whose friends are also busy, hiring a trusted babysitter can be a great alternative. This can be someone who has previously looked after your children or a recommended caregiver from a reputable service.

3. **Day Camps or Activities**: Check if there are any local day camps or special activities happening in your community that could coincide with your moving day. This not only keeps children safely entertained but also provides them with a positive distraction from the move.

4. **Visit a Favorite Place**: If possible, arrange for someone to take your children to one of their favorite places, like a zoo, park, or museum. This creates an exciting day for the kids and can help associate the moving process with a positive memory.


While it might initially seem beneficial to keep children involved in the moving process, the risks and distractions can actually make the move more stressful and dangerous for everyone involved. Having children off-site during the busiest part of the move ensures their safety and allows parents to focus on the logistics of moving without additional stress. Furthermore, it helps children avoid the emotional upheaval of watching their home being packed up and ensures they are receiving attention and care during this significant family transition.

Ultimately, planning for children to be away during the move can lead to a smoother, quicker, and safer moving process. It allows parents to manage the practical aspects of the move efficiently while ensuring that their children are safe, happy, and occupied, thereby reducing the overall stress of the moving experience for the whole family.