For many years, it used to be that if anybody wanted changes to the way that they looked in terms of body weight and shape, plastic surgery was the primary path that most consumers had to take. With pregnancy and post-partum results, some basic work might be addressed immediately if a patient had a C-section, with doctors applying the changes as they perform the procedure, especially with a second or third child. However, in most cases, new changes were applied well after the fact.

Surgery for cosmetic repair has always been a significant commitment in terms of health, financial cost, and recovery. Fortunately, today there is a tremendous amount of development in alternative techniques, treatments, and products that provide choices versus surgery alone. So, of course, that now raises the question as to which is better for a post-partum patient, surgical vs. non-surgical body sculpting.

Getting Started, Begin With Health

The first question anybody should ask themselves before getting started should be about their health. Ideally, a post-partum should be in good health without any ongoing sickness or serious prescriptions for health concerns, as well as any type of chronic sickness concerns currently in place. The main concern would be negative interactions with existing treatment and the body sculpting approach chosen, whether it’s surgical or non-surgical, as well as the recovery process after the fact.

Surgical Body Sculpting is an Option

Surgical body-sculpting is something that moms can also consider. It is a surgery for fat removal, reshaping, repositioning skin for a tighter appearance, or a combination of all of these. Treatments do involve an introduction into the body of foreign tools and applications, which can potentially result in infection or complications. So, there also needs to be monitoring and treatment as well as the use of antibiotics and similar pharmaceuticals during recovery. 

There’s also the risk of complications. While most procedures tend to be fairly safe, nothing is guaranteed. There is always the chance that, in some rare cases, there can be a complication that results in serious additional health concerns. 

Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Advantages and Limitations

Nonsurgical body sculpting is not invasive. However, those considering non-invasive options should also recognize that their options will be limited when it comes to what parts of their body can be sculpted, how much each body part can be sculpted, and what procedures are available for each part of the body.

In addition to the aforementioned limitations, the results are not as significant or as dramatic as what happens with surgery. It is not a major change procedure, and non-surgical body sculpting tends to be used for milder, less dramatic changes that require multiple sessions, with limited results.

For most post-partum patients also busy raising newborns and toddlers, nonsurgical body sculpting is something that they’d like to consider. It’s far easier to manage, there is far less recovery time, and almost all procedures can be handled on an outpatient basis. Patients are up and about with regular, daily life very quickly. In comparison, full surgical procedures can take weeks, sometimes even months, to recover from, which can be life-changing, both in terms of how people handle the treatment after the fact and how their body behaves.

Every patient is different. So, before any procedure is taken, one should always talk with your doctor first to make sure that they are aware of all types of concerns and any possible risks. Nonsurgical body sculpting can be very effective for mild to moderate adjustments and changes to post-partum body appearance, and again, it maximizes convenience in regard to applying changes without having dramatic life-changing impacts.