Summer is almost here, so you may be thinking of ways to enhance youroutdoor deck or patio. After all, most people want to be outdoors in the warmer weather months. With an outdoor space to work with, why not turn it into your entertainment mecca? If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips for designing a great outdoor space that your friends and family will enjoy.

Water Features

If you have enough landscape space, you can install a pool. Swimming can burn calories and help with cardio in a fun way. With your swimming pool, don’t be surprised if your home becomes the center of summer entertainment. Even people who don’t swim a lot enjoy the atmosphere of sitting by the pool on a sunny day. A custom pool can come in a range of styles and sizes. Building a pool means you won’t have to go to public pools, which are often a cesspool of bacteria from other people.

Have fun customizing your swimming pool based on your needs. You can add a diving board for those who want to show off. Install a volleyball net so you won’t have to leave the pool to get some game time in. Pool contractors can add lights at the bottom of the swimming pool for better nighttime swimming.

In addition to swimming pools, you can add other water features such as a hot tub or jacuzzi. A hot tub can also make parties more fun. However, these types of water features can be very therapeutic. After all, they produce a massage-like quality that can work tense muscles. According to Healthline, a simple 15 minutes in a hot tub can often help improve the symptoms of inflammation and lower blood pressure.


Imagine sitting under your beautiful gazebo on a spring or summer day. Gazebos come in a range of styles. They tend to have a cover, so you can use them year-round. Many people often use the gazebo as a focal point in their landscape, particularly if they have a beautiful garden. Have fun hosting tea parties or family dinners in the middle of the garden.

Outdoor Heating

If you want to fully enjoy the outdoors year-round, you should have a heating source. Even in summer, the evenings can get cooler at night, especially if you’re in a desert area. That’s why you should consider outdoor gas fireplace installation. You may also want to install a fire pit. That way, you can toast marshmallows or other little knickknacks as you have drinks. Some homeowners also have strategically placed heating lamps similar to ones you would see at an outdoor restaurant.

Comfortable Furniture

Unless you plan on standing the entire time, you and your guests will need a place to sit while enjoying the outdoors. Luckily, patio furniture comes in a range of styles and comfort levels. The type of furniture that’s best for your outdoors depends on your climate. If your climate is hot year-round, or you have an enclosed patio space, you may be more comfortable buying plush furniture that you can even use indoors. However, if there are seasonal changes or wet weather, you may want to play it safe and focus on solid materials such as stainless steel furniture. You can always customize such furniture with detachable cushions. However, if you have your patio or deck renovated, you may even want to add built-in seating.

Retaining wall

To prevent erosion or to seal off spaces, homeowners often add a retaining wall to their outdoor space. However, a retaining wall could also be a beautiful feature, as it may be made from stone or brick. Use your retaining wall for another purpose, such as a spot to hold up a screen so you can watch outdoor movies. Why go out in public when you could have your summer movie nights at home?

There are countless ways to enjoy your outdoor space year-round. From gazebos to swimming pools to space for outdoor movies, many ideas can turn your great outdoors into its own entertainment center. Get started now so your home can be ready for summer.