Truck accidents may cause a massive amount of losses. This is not as normal as a car accident since a truck is an 80, 000-pound vehicle, which a certain licensed professional driver has the authority to drive. Thus, possible losses may make your life difficult since, if you receive a serious injury, your job will be affected, and in turn, your medical expenses will be at large. 

A problem arises if compensation from the truck accident is the concern of the victim. However, at Kreger Brodish LLP Attorneys at Law -Truck accident lawyer in Durham, NC, there is no problem as this firm will help you step-by-step to know your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Therefore, this article will explain the compensation claim process for a Durham Truck Accident Case.

Seek Medical Attention

Calling a medical hotline will prevent you from any possible serious injury that you received in an accident, even if you have a minor injury since some symptoms would not be apparent. Thus, health and safety would be your first priorities. Furthermore, documentation of your injury would be valuable in case you are presenting it in court and may provide significant information as strong evidence.

Gather evidence 

Collect all possible evidence by capturing photos of the vehicles involved, the road traffic scene, the information of the parties involved, and obtaining information from witnesses. Thus, this would make your claim accurate and provide strong evidence to support winning the compensation claim. 

Report the Accident

As soon as possible, communicate with your insurance company and police officer regarding the incident. They will be the ones who provide essential validation for your evidence if it is present in court. As per the insurance company, they will check the report that happened in your accident to know if you will receive the benefits. 

Contact an Attorney

Hiring a truck accident attorney is beneficial to the accident case since they have expertise in the case. They will navigate the legal process for your compensation claim. They also provide you with gains and support in every step of the legal action. They will be the ones to investigate the accident and the cost of the damage and injury received.

Demand Letter

The lawyer filed an initial claim for the expenses of the medical bill and damage to property. Since they have gathered the evidence, they will list the damages and losses to make an estimate of compensation.


After filing a claim, the lawyer will negotiate with your insurance company about the settlement or amount of the benefit you will receive. Effective truck accident lawyers will easily settle the agreement, but if not, you will take the final step of presenting in court.

Court proceedings

If there is no settlement in the negotiation with your insurance company, this would be the last step for claiming the benefits since the client and the lawyer will present strong evidence and supporting documents to win the case. This would be the pivotal part if you were getting the claim or not.


In conclusion, it is important to have the right truck accident lawyer for you, as it can smooth the legal process to win on the negotiation part or settlement of the compensation claim. Furthermore, lawyers would be beside you from the start to the end in fighting for your compensation. They will not leave you hanging if you have chosen the right lawyer for you.