Even if you have spent your whole life thus far on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ person with whom to share your life with, just because this is something you feel would complete you and, indeed, increase your happiness levels exponentially, this should not and does not mean you have to compromise too much of yourself. 

With this in mind, here are the three most important reasons why you should never settle for second best in a partner. 

  1. You Need to Feel Physically Comfortable as Well as Emotionally

As a taller woman, you will have no doubt experienced that slightly uncomfortable feeling when you meet a date who turns out to be significantly smaller than you in height (and that is when you are only wearing flats).

Now, of course, the height of the man or woman you are interested in getting to know on a much more intimate level is entirely irrelevant. However, if, personally, you simply cannot relax and feel confident when eating dinner or shopping at the mall with a partner who is significantly smaller than yourself, there are plenty more (taller) fish in the sea.

  1. You Deserve to Be with One Who Enhances Your Life

Another essential reason why there is no reason in the world why you should not attempt to throw a six on the dice of life rather than staying with the safety and average outcome of a three is that you deserve someone who is going to make your life better.

Often, in an attempt to make a square peg fit a round hole, people tend to assume that they will be able to change the qualities and traits they simply do not care for in their partner over time, and in 99.99% of cases, they fail. 

Obviously, part and parcel of a successful and balanced relationship is to both have your own interests, so whether you enjoy relaxing in your downtime responsibly playing slots on an established au online casino or else going out drinking and partying with your friends, make sure any potential partner has their own social life too.

  1. Settling Invites a Pessimistic Mindset

Next, when you choose to stick with a date and take things further, either because you are tired of online dating or feebly trying to sound fun and flirty when meeting a potential lover at the bar or because you desperately want a partner, you are essentially telling yourself that you are not worth more. 

Although a cliche, it really is true to say that you are unable to love someone else or let that someone else fall in love with you if you are not at one with who you are as a person and 100% comfortable in your own skin. 

Having a partner who you know deep down is not the exact match for you is much, much worse than living a happy, single life (for now, at least!).