You’ve considered getting Invisalign Chicago clear aligners for your teeth, but aren’t quite sure what to expect at your first consultation. Knowing what the initial appointment entails can help you feel prepared and make the most of your time with the orthodontist. This guide will walk you through the key parts of an Invisalign consultation, so you know just what to anticipate.

Your Dental History

The orthodontist will start by asking about your dental history, including any previous orthodontic treatment, teeth extractions, or other procedures you’ve had. Be prepared to discuss any dental issues you have dealt with in the past. This contextual information helps the doctor determine if and how Invisalign treatment can successfully and safely straighten your smile.

Cosmetic Evaluation

Next comes the cosmetic evaluation, where the orthodontist will take a close look at your teeth and bite. They will note the position of your teeth and any crowding, gaps, overbites, or other issues. The doctor will also examine your gums, jaw alignment, and facial symmetry during this assessment. This step allows them to identify exactly what needs improvement in preparation for mapping out your Invisalign treatment.

Digital Scans and Photos

No Invisalign consultation is complete without digital impressions and photographs of your smile. Rather than take goopy dental putty impressions, many orthodontists now use a handheld scanner to take highly detailed 3D images of your teeth. The orthodontist may also take standard photos of your teeth closed, open, and as you smile. These records provide the imagery needed to create your custom set of Invisalign aligners.

Treatment Simulation and Plan

Once the images and data have been gathered, the next step is for the orthodontist to digitally map out your Invisalign treatment plan. Simulation software shows how your teeth will progress through the series of transparent aligners until the final desired position is reached. The doctor will then walk you through this projected step-by-step process, so you understand how long treatment may take and what improvements to expect along the way.

Pricing and Financing

Of course, you’ll likely want to know specifics on cost and payment options during your Invisalign consultation too. Be prepared for the orthodontist to provide pricing information based on the extent of correction needed. More complex cases usually cost more than minor realignment. Ask what forms of payment are accepted, whether payment plans are available, and if the office works with any dental financing companies. Understanding the investment upfront helps you plan your budget accordingly.

Questions and Concerns

Lastly, your Invisalign consultation offers the perfect opportunity to get answers to your most pressing questions and concerns. Jot down any worries about treatment discomfort, lifestyle impacts, or other considerations ahead of time, so you remember to have each one addressed. Voicing uncertainties you have about Invisalign shows the orthodontist any areas that need better explanation too. Think through concerns beforehand, so you make the most of the face-to-face discussion.

Preparing for Your Consultation

From dental history to payment plans, your first Invisalign appointment covers a lot of key ground. While the breadth of information and steps involved may seem overwhelming now, going in with the right expectations helps ease anxiety. By knowing the run-down of the consultation agenda, you can go into your visit feeling informed and ready. Use this guide to embrace what’s coming your way on the road toward straighter teeth.